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Vikramaditya prepares for sea trials

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From Vikramaditya prepares for sea trials




India’s Vikramaditya aircraft carrier prepares for sea trials

By Greg Waldron Singapore

15 hours ago


Sea trials of India's latest aircraft carrier will start "this summer", with the work to involve the launch and recovery of fixed-wing aircraft from INS Vikramaditya.

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I once thought that the Big-V getting underway fro sea trials in the near future was sheer folly (knowing its modernization history). But like the Chinese Varyag modernization program, it may finally begin bearing fruit. Knowing the weather conditions of the North Sea, they would need to have a very successful round of sea trials very quickly to begin flight ops before the end of the year. The weather gets pretty nasty up that far north quickly - the best case situation. Of course the boat could slip moorings, have an engineering failure and just tie back up again - that's the worst case scenario.

In any case this story will be worth watching.

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From http://en.rian.ru/mlitary_news/20120917/176004107.html




India's Russian Carrier on Rocks Again After Sea Trial Snags

12:30 17/09/2012

MOSCOW, September 17 (RIA Novosti)


Malfunctions during sea trials of the Indian Navy aircraft carrier Vikramaditya, refitted by a Russian shipyard, will delay the vessel’s handover to India yet again, Kommersant business daily reported on Monday.


CV32: Seems the ship will run only on asbestos. :blink:

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Update INS VIKRAMADITYA: Engine trouble confirmed. Reason for the boilers' failure said to be India refusing to have asbestos (!) for heat insulation, instead the shipyard had to use firebrick, which proved not sufficiently heatproof. Sevmash: “some defects have been detected” with three (not seven) of the eight boilers … three to four months should be enough to rectify it. Indian navy reportedly hopeful for delivery by April 2013. One source: Aircraft carrier will return to the Sevmash shipyard at Severodvinsk on 25 Sep for “complete examination and troubleshooting”. Another source: aviation trials to continue (rmks: Ship engines up to the task, with all the added weight? I think not) and be completed by mid-October.


Today's RIA Novosti report states that she was able to make 23 knots, which isn't terrible, but of course still might not be sufficient with a full air wing of MiG-29K, fuel, weapons, crew and supplies, and with a Pakistani torpedo breathing down your neck.

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From http://en.rian.ru/mlitary_news/20120928/176280681.html




China Rejects Russian Blame for Carrier Snags

BEIJING, September 28 (RIA Novosti)


China has denied Russian claims that Chinese firebricks were to blame for boiler failures in the Russian-refitted Indian Navy aircraft carrier Vikramaditya, which suffered propulsion problems during sea trials in the Barents Sea last month, local daily Beitsin Chenbao reported, quoting Defense Minister Yan Yujun."We checked this, and found that Chinese enterprises which make such firebricks for naval propulsion systems have never exported such products to Russia," Yan said.


CV32: Perhaps, given what they appear to have been able to do with Varyag, I might be inclined to side with the Chinese on this one.

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From RIA Novosti




Indian Carrier Handover Delayed - Builders

MOSCOW, October 2 (RIA Novosti)


The refurbishment of an Indian Navy aircraft carrier has hit further snags, with handover delayed to fall 2013, Russia's United Shipbuilding Corporation said on Tuesday.

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