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Condensed wish list updated 2011


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An interesting process going through the wish list forthe last year and a half, reading each and understanding so as to put similar wish items together and thinking about what parts of the total picture they fit.

My favourite was "A nice intro video., “it would pump up any noob to the awesomeness of the sim”" as it shows the enthusiasm that keeps Harpoon Classic going so strong.

Plenty of 'hits' for multiplayer and logistics and improving IFR, LR air patrols and the poor old staff assistant (try as he might he just isn't appreciated, but really could we do without him???)

Capturing enemy units and carrying units on units also looks high on peoples wishes, and rightly so I'd say.

Have a look and a think.

PS I'm of to my wish list to tidy it up to be closer to the suggestions in wish list guidlines, cause I can now see that it would make the condensing job much easier :D


Don Thomas



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