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  1. Hello everyone after a long break! Finally got some time to play HCE again. I've used "meet" utility with a very strange result: my tankers were multiplied. 2xF-22 HJA group was scheduled to meet with 1xKC-46. Second KC-46, BBA group, was flying singly. When HJA merged automatically with KC-46 something confusing happened. F-22's suddenly were flying with 2 KC-46, not with 1 as scheduled. Second KC-46 group, BEA, was "inflated" to 255 KC-46's. After finishing refueling and splitting KC-46's from Raptor's, there are 3 KC-46 groups: BGS (2xKC-46), BBS (1xKC-46) and BEA (255xKC46). I don't have a savegame before the incident, only after it. I've added manualy a staff note to HJA, reminding about meeting with tankers, although in the course editor there already was a reminder. I'm using 2009.097 (btw - EXCELLENT work!) multiplied tankers.zip
  2. Yea, that's the point. When the Chinese will acquire enough experience? They are jumping into the deep water.
  3. http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2011/06/re...e-of-junk/all/1 'Cause Shi Lang is a navalized version of "Potyomkin villages? Points in article: - Chinese have no experience whatsoever in conducting naval air ops - It is just a one carrier against entire Pacific Fleet, augmented by its allies - Chinese have only J-15 naval fighter (possibly with limited antisurface capabilities) and some helicopters for ASW and (possibly) AEW role, but nothing more. No EW planes, no AEW planes, no carrier cargo planes - Chinese fleet have insufficent number of modern warships and submarines, comparable to Tico's, Burke's, improved Los Angeles, Seawolves and Virginias. So chinese fleet is unable to provide an adequate escort force for its lone carrier - Shi Lang sea capabilities also could pose a problem, because of questionable quality of ukrainian-made turbines BTW, Shi Lang, as a Variag, was rusting in port for many years. She was refitted, but... So, in the end, are there NO worries for United States Pacific Fleet because of imminent start of Shi Lang sea trials?
  4. Currently it is not possible to make a missile-like weapon "targetable" only by guns?
  5. Leaving the problem o capturing the ship aside, there is a "weapon" like the Seal Team (ID18743). Why not using something like this as a "boarding party", only making it much faster (fast boat)?
  6. More about spanish (well it is all Enrique's fault - I'm playing his Morocco 2012 scenario ;-) ) EF-18A/B+ Hornet - in Precis loadout it has only one Amraam (2xBPG2000, 1XAIM-120A/B AMRAAM, 2xIRIS-T, 1xAAQ-28 Litening II, 3x330 USG drop tank, 6x20mm M61A1 burst). One Amraam traded for the Litening? BTW, does Litening have any real role in the game? Or is it being shown only for purpose of sticking to real data?
  7. Question about spanish F/A-18's - in intercept loadout they have only two Amraams. Is it purposeful?
  8. You are refering to that incident with LCS-1 hull cracked during heavy weather? I hope the LCS Mission Packages include periscope?
  9. The Pentagon unveiled names of 4 new LCS-class ships: LCS-5 USS Milwaukee, LCS-6 USS Jakcson, LCS-7 USS Detroit and LCS-8 USS Montgomery. LCS-5 and LCS-7 will be trimarans, LCS-6 and LCS-8 will be monohulls.
  10. In yesterdays action took part some 20 french planes. 8 Rafales from Saint-Dizier (4 in AAW role, 2 in recon role and 2 in strike role), 2 Mirages 2000D from Nancy, 2 Mirages 2000-5 from Dijon, supported by 6 C-135 flying tankers from Istres and an E-3F AWACS from Avord.
  11. But how British and French pilots will distinguish civilian transports from military? Supplies can be easily camouflaged. And this once again raise the question of some kind of overland presence.
  12. Right, USS Barry and USS Stout. USS Bataan is sailing into the Med, maybe to join Kearsage and Ponce (or to relieve them according to this http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20110318/pl_af...byaunrestusnavy ) Enterprise CVBG is moving out of Red Sea into the Arabian Sea, so this time the "Big E" will not see action. So no U.S. carrier in the Med? And something on Libya from a different perspective http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/19/e...s_n_837894.html
  13. No Tico SWP in vicinity? If this is indeed an Ohio SSGN, it is interesting, when she was repositioned into the Med. BTW, any info on what U.S ships are now operating off Libya?
  14. News agencies are reporting French jet fired first shots over Libya. Apparently ground target was attacked and destroyed. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-12795971 CNN is reporting U.S. warships launched Tomahawk cruise missiles against Libyan air defence installations. Here we go...
  15. Enforcing the no-fly zone will mean having on the ground some forward observer elements, establishing some links with opposition. So it would be a first step in a direct land intervention. As to opposition - its armed forces are non-existent, these are only improvised rag-tag groups, without c3, hq hierarchy, with only few heavy equipment. Reducing capabilites of the Ghaddafi airforce and giving to the oppositon some sort of CAS won't make much difference. The only thing that could be achieved this way is a stalemate.
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