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  1. I played a littel with your file Tony. Hopefully you don't start to screeming. There are the basic question; shall the XML replace the scenario file and/or replace the commondb? From my point of view is the currend splitting of the scenario file and commondb very useful and I would keep it. So the annex entries shall be in a separate XML. In a scenario XML could the datas be structured on a hyrarchical way (as you did) or on a flat way were all untis are in one set, all goups are in one set and the commanding structure is describe just the organisation like meta data how they are nested(?). With which software did you create the XML? 2014-11-19_scen.scq.xml
  2. There is still Warsawa twice als AAa and AIa. What's about to cover the russian south side toward ukraina to prevent deep strikes? P.S. Played someone the NATO side and was successful?
  3. Just discoverd the test.scq.xml There are 16 Annex's. What is the topic of each Annex? From my point of view, the Annex structure of Subs, Ships, Lorrys and Airplanes shall be be the same, because sometimes it is difficult to have a clear line between this units. Example, a LCAC can swim an run on ground. Some subs from WWII have a gun and some an aircraft. Or Flying boats, they can swim, run on land and fly. I guess the Groups structure and units structure isn't finish so far. There is missing the group path, group heading(?), group mission, group patrol area, group speed, sensor status ... The same for the units with more parameters. By the way, could it be possible to implement some generic supply points, or points were reinforcement appears at a predefined time? In area like WestPac it is easy to just to add an additional group or base far away and it take time till the reinforcement appears. But in smaller BattleSets is the reinforcement available from beginning and this could unbalance the game. A solution could be to go toward multiplayer solution. Should I create a counter proposal?
  4. Its a good idea to redesign the database structure. From my point if view Harpoon2/3 had a good approach. They splitted it up to Propulsion, Sensors, Comm Devices and Warheads for the lowest level (See attachement H3.JPG) and cleaned some points up. For example the "Edit Loadouts" Annex in the data base editor. Each aircraft has more or less a different number of pylons and its limitation. And the same loadout configuration on a F-15 leads to a different range than on a F-16. So, the number of loadouts could be reduced if the range value is added or calculated in the Aircraft Annex (what happend in the H3-database). Or lets define the loadout configurations in the Aircraft Annex (see Weapon 1, 2, 3 on Fighter_Mobhack.JPG) On the top level was the country. This made it easier for non-expert-scenario writers. I guess for skilled scenario writers the country annex is obsolet. The second top level should be from my point of view the Installation-Groups like ports, airbases and bases. This Installation-Groups are just virtual groups like a battle group and include fixed installations like docks, HQ's, Runways, open parks and so on and they could also include mobile elements like ships, tanks, aircrafts. To make the life easier it would be goof when this groups could include also some other Installation-Groups like an airbase and mobile groups which may patrol. Also here I guess for skilled scenario writers the Installation-Groups are obsolet, but it makes the life easier for non-expert-scenario writers when they use in the database. The third top level are the Facilities, some with a defined geografical location, some generic (international). With the Facilities start the issue with the hosting capacity like Carriers? Submariens? Ships? Aircrafts? Tanks? Platoons? Fuel? Ammunitions? How much? Therefore I added a picture from Mobhack for WinMBT (LCAC_Mobhack.JPG) where the LCAC has an own Size, Weight and capacity (Carry). It is interessting to see, that they selected also the area for the capacity as on Harpoon 3 with the Hangar space. The next level are the Groups. In Harpoon are no groups predefined. For expert is this no problem. But it is harder for novice to have no proposals. Then we arrive on the level of the mobile units like Ships, Submarines, Aircrafts, Tanks, LCAC, Lorries, Solider. Some units could hosting other units. For HCE it is questionable to have an own database Annex for Magazine (Weapon-Containers), Mounts and Fuel-Containers. At least an own Weapon Annex has sense. I never understood why HCE used a own database independend from Harpoon 3. I hope Tony this help a littel. Cheers Edit: Correction of attachment and made the text more readable.
  5. I'm not surprised. There are multiple reasons. We (the western world) don't have the culture any more to develope to a low price. One example of a simple screw in a hospital or manufactruing building (or maybe carrier): Manufacturing cost for a screw 1.00 $/€ Benefit margin 8.5 % Resulting Benefit 0.09 $/€ Sale price to mechanic 1.09 $/€ Stock benefit margin of mechanic 8.5 % Stock benefit 0.09 $/€ Internal sale price to mechanic 1.18 $/€ Benefit margin of mechanic 8.5 % Benefit of mechanic 0.10 $/€ Sale price of mechanic 1.28 $/€ Benefit margin of facility management 8.5 % Benefit of facility management 0.11 $/€ Benefit bonus for the management 0.11 $/€ Sale price of the new "service" to lodger 1.49 $/€ Benefit margin of lodger 8.5 % Benefit of lodger 0.13 $/€ Benefit bonus for the management 0.13 $/€ Sale price to health assurance 1.75 $/€ Benefit margin of health assurance 8.5 % Benefit of health assurance 0.15 $/€ Benefit bonus for the management 0.15 $/€ Sale price to end Customer 2.05 $/€ And this include only the price of the screw and no work done and no tax included! If you do a bussiness with a benefit margin of only 8.5% then you will never get a credit from a bank. They expect at least a margin of 15%! So each physical part cost at least 3.34x as manufactured! So if carrier with 80Kt steel had a price of 800 Mio.$ (only the main structure with hull) in the past would cost today 2.6 Mrd. $. And on the electrical and equipement sides it is could be the same factor. Does someone know the five Rings of Warden? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warden%27s_Five_Rings If I look to the sic benefit margin in europa then it is easy to destroy the economic of a country.
  6. So far the red a/c at the base's and carriers are sitting around and don't attack. So an easy sceanrio.
  7. Also from my point of view there is room for both. This speek for scriptable AI. So no way. I like this kind of games with an approach step. So in peace I could regroup the CBG and then approach to the 1'000 A/C. It is not faire to have a scenario with zero chance of survive for the carrier. I saw it once with in a epic battle over the atlantic and back. I managed the fist scenario from the US coast to Gibraltar with low losses. But the next scenario at Gibraltar started only with 1/3 A/C! Thats the point were I like the idea of Tony with the shameless move around the world.
  8. gemerson, it seems you uploaded the old scenario version from 19.07. with no victory condition. With 40 hours it is possible to transit the group ZUS to the patroling area, but then are only 20 hours left for patroling. Victory condition? The airfiled issue was addressed by rainmen ...
  9. Thank you Tony that's it.
  10. Hi Tony Winharp32_2008-044.exe Winharp32_2009-042.exe Winharp32_2009-064B.exe Winharp32Sides_2011-013B.exe at all four it failed. Was you able to get the min vic?
  11. Just analised the scenario Block2 and player with the victroy condition. To me it seems the game engine or database has a bug. I someone with the attached file able to get the min. vic. condition? BLOCK2t.zip
  12. Gopher

    National Anthems

    Some are free: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_national_anthems
  13. gemerson, I insist, there is no way to kick them down in 12 hours. Someone any idea?
  14. Nice scenario, except the instant actions. I like more a peacefull approach. I see an other challenge to meet a minimum victory condition: The game time is 2 day and 12 hours. The group ZUS has to patrol with the tow LHD in a certain area for 48 houres, 2 days. So there are 12 hours left to move to the paroling area. But the starting point is to far away to reach the paroling area within 12 hours. Any idea?
  15. Gopher

    Big ship

    Ok, now this explain it. Thanks.
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