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  1. Well I haven't found players yet. Unfortunately real world stuff has gotten in the way... I still intend to run it but there may be a break in play depending on whether I have a reliable internet connection as I'm moving around quite a lot at the moment. The actual scenario is called War of the Datchas and is a relatively small scale, low tech battle set in the early 90's when the Georgians and Azbhakians had a"war" over Azbhakian independence. The Russians got involved as well... Cheers Jon.
  2. Hello Two players are required for a small PBEM game using the CIC warfare plotter. Cheers Jon.
  3. Hi Pete The game finished a while ago, I think it was quite succesful. There was a lot of action it was quite brutal. I actually wouldn't mind running it again with some modifications, so, if anyone wants to play let me know... If nobody wants to play I will write up a sitrep of sorts and spill the beans. Cheers Jon.
  4. Hi I'm getting better at using the plotter, there are far fewer mistakes now. I've tried editing in wordpad. It worked ok, but i've gone back to using the plotter to delete/edit units. The shooting is about to begin as well although I'm not sure who will fire first, the smart money is on the Libyans. Cheers Jon.
  5. Hi Pete It's only just now getting started, the only problem with these games are the amount of time they take to play! This is the first time I have used the plotter for a PBEM game and I'm sure I will speed up as time goes on. The way that I'm using the plotter is to create a master map with all of the information on, then saving 2 copies of the map (one for each side) and deleting the hidden enemy units. This is taking a while at the moment because I keep deleting the wrong unit and having to start again. I would quite like to see an "undo last action" button on the plotter! I have set up 2 Yahoo groups for the game, 1 for each side. If you would like to see how it's going and follow the battle send me a message with your e-mail address and I will add you to both of the groups so you can follow the action. Cheers Jon.
  6. Hi As per topic title, 4 players are required for a small harpoon game to be played via e-mail. The scenario will be run on the excellent CIC warfare plotter, so you will need a copy. http://www.stratsims.com/CIC_MP01.asp September 1st 1995. In the past few years the relationship between Libya and Russia has become rather frosty. Since the cold war ended Russia has been far less interested in backing regimes that were actively against the west. Russia has suffered terrorism particularly in response to its invasion of Chechnya. The latest information from the security services has laid the blame firmly at Libya’s door, providing training, weapons and funding for this new breed of terrorism. A former project 1135.1 class ship has been fitted out with the latest surveillance and eavesdropping equipment and has been patrolling in international waters around the Libyan coast. The Libyans are aware of the ships presence and their navy has been on a high state of alert. 24 hours ago FSB information informed the Russian government that a merchant ship containing terrorist related materials had left a Libyan port. The Project 1135.1 was ordered to intercept the merchant vessel. The Krivak turned to intercept the vessel but unfortunately suffered an engine room fire. The fire has been extinguished but he suffered flooding and has drifted into Libyan waters. Cheers Jon.
  7. Hi On my travels I have found a website that may be of use to you. It lists all the Venezuelan navy, air force and army equipment and command structures. The only downside is it's in Spanish! although I'm guessing if you run it through babelfish or a similar translator you will find some good information. Home page http://www.fav-club.com/fan.htm Article about Su-30MK2 http://www.fav-club.com/articulos/flankera...flankervzla.htm Cheers Jon.
  8. Hi Sounds like a good scenario, I'll play if there are any places available? I need to brush up on my geography. Venezuela isn't where i thought it was! I thought it was west coast Cheers Jon.
  9. Thankyou for your help I've just sent an e mail and hopefully will be playing soon. Cheers Jon.
  10. Hello I signed up a couple of weeks ago for war in 2010 and haven't heard anything. Does anyone know if this game is still running? Cheers Jon.
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