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Bill Jennings' "War in 2010" MBX


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Bill Jennings' "War in 2010" MBX is picking up steam, and looks set to be a very interesting wargame indeed. Anyone else around here (besides me) crazy enough to be involved ?  :)

Although not involved (currently) here is the link:


Bill Jennings 2010 MBX

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Is there any web address where potentially interested parties could familiarize themselves before committing? The old link is no longer availably, not that it was an itel bonanza in the first place. :rolleyes:

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I think Bill is gonna guage interest before he revitalizes the website links.

As one of the umpires for "War in 2010" Bill just informed me that the web site for recruiting will be open soon during this week. I will keep you all informed on when it is open for recruiting.



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Welcome Jon. Yes, the game is still running and in fact is starting to pick up speed with Bill refreshing the teams' websites, maps and documents.


You should get in touch with Bill ASAP at bjennings @ mac.com

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