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  1. Here are the rest of the scenario ideas. Surprise!: Do the unexpected, and gain the initiative. I.e. Trenton, or First Manassas/Bull Run. Scenario Ideas: British unopposed landings on Faeroes (annoy Denmark, Greenland declares independence), Greece (red) invades Cypress, takes on UK (blue), and Turkey (green) Early Clashes: Not fully mobilized, local commander initiatives, often unsuccessful. Scenario Ideas: British Forces Germany tries to fight through to the Netherlands coast for Dunkirk-style evacuation. (1ST Armoured Division, 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade) Germany asks US to remove its forces from their territory, some units move to Poland (alarming Russia), some go to UK or other NATO countries (until those nations choose sides) Tough Times: Gathering forces and training them, while fielded forces stay engaged, but not decisively. Frantic Diplomacy to influence the world and gain allies. For UK, Success brings big support – most likely from USA, No Gain/Failure brings allies that need more support than they contribute; i.e. Portugal. Scenario Idea: still trying to get remnants of BFG evacuated, but sea and air transport are limited, BFG waits at seacoast for amphib ships to empty in UK and return. 21st century Dunkirk. Norway and others start quiet steps to speak reason to Germany, rebuffed by hardheads who still want UK in EU. Netherlands formally offers British Land Forces a safe transit to sea coast, provides air cover Main Force Clash: almost full mobilization fills ranks, but not yet experienced. U.S. history examples: New Jersey maneuvering or Peninsular Campaign. Scenario idea – SAS plus Royal Marine Commandos sneak and peek on French occupied Channel Islands, then seaborne and airborne invasion, costly success, but not as bad as Crete in WWII. Strategy Emerges: developing a new strategy and testing its efficacy, like Continentals after Valley Forge, or the Anaconda Plan in 1862. Scenario ideas; Germany/France try U-Boats (Again!) blockade the islands, convoys from Canada/USA, Industrial Attrition. UK opens the battle of aircraft factories; Wharton vs. Toulon. Who can produce enough to replace loses? Irritating Sideshows: Attempting Low cost, high impact operations. Scenario ideas; support for guerilla/resistance cells, UK in Catalonia and EU in Scotland/Ireland Relentless Pursuit of Objectives: Example Vicksburg. scenario idea; more convoy battles, Canada sending help as part of commonwealth. Australia has to stay home, alert for China moves. New Zealand under pressure from all sides, join or stay neutral, CHOOSE! Egypt attempts to close Suez, but just to Commonwealth bound shipping. Someone, (Israel?) engineers an EverGiven-like closing for everyone. We (You) won’t do that!: Raising/Lowering the Nuclear Threshold: Conventional attacks on airbases and ports, targeting SSBN’s of UK and France, and their nuclear capable aircraft, so that they won’t be used against each other. US adds a small (deniable?) raid of counter force B-2’s w/JDAM’s, JSOW’s, etc targeting nuclear storage depots (playing as green, targeting red, but blue can’t direct). Outside Opportunists: Annoyances that need attention. US Examples; 1863 Mexican War with France, or 1780 Buccaneers in Spanish Florida. Scenario ideas; Argentina in Falklands/Malvinas, or Australia attacking France’s South Pacific territories. What are Russia and China doing? The US role becomes focused on keeping Russia, China, et.al. from upsetting the emerging balance. Letting UK/Commonwealth focus on establishing/enforcing complete independence. Ireland attempts to seize Northern Ireland, Canada lands on St. Peter and Miquelon Islands, just to annoy France. The Tide Turns: 3 or 4 large convoys reach/leave UK waters with less than 10% losses. UK will not surrender, EU thinks it must invade to win. Overwhelming Success: Win a battle that leaves the writing on the wall. The war is not yet won, but no longer in doubt. Scenario idea – EU Amphibious forces [NEW ARMADA!] (France-Spain-Italy) deterred/damaged/turned back – but not destroyed, (press calls it Operation Drake, MoD neither confirms/denies). Victory!: Ideally, win a battle that eliminates the enemy’s means, ability or will to resist. In real world, honest start to negotiation to settle the conflict. France and Germany finally realize they face bigger threat from Russia, not UK. Scenario Idea – More a loud fizzle than a big bang, UK relief force reaches Gibraltar, then on to Cypress. Russia and Turkey play green, emboldened probing air recon of Norway, Germany, Italy and other NATO countries (going around Poland w/large US garrison).
  2. I've been kicking these ideas around since about 2016. I have been adding details as world events inspire my creativity. Today made me think it was time to do something. Unfortunately my real life is too chaotic to devote the necessary time to creating these scenarios. So I am offering them to anyone who wants. Here are the first four ideas for scenarios. Can anyone help? Maybe just by telling me if these ideas are workable. Thanks in Advance p.s. please forgive my (often) incoherent note style Brexit: The War of English Secession A campaign battle-set with 16 scenarios to be played in sequential order. Incidents and Accidents: Some wars start with non-state groups turning a tense economic/political situation into a state level use of force crisis, examples in US History are the Boston Tea Party or Bleeding Kansas. Almost anything could trigger a European Crisis. Possible scenario ideas: Fishing Boats in the Bay of Biscay, Sabotage in the Chunnel, or North Sea Oil Platforms, Refugee boats setting out from Spanish/French/Belgian/Netherlands ports. May 6, 2021 Island of Jersey ~ 50 French fishing boats traffic jamming St Helier harbor to protest new fishing license limits French patrol boats Athos, Themis UK OPV’s Severn, Tamar Island of Jersey 44ft patrol cutter Security Responses: intend to de-fuse the crisis, instead inflame passions and harden opposition. US Examples: Lexington/Concord (Williamsburg Armory) or Harpers Ferry. Scenario Idea(s): 'French Tourist Invasion’ or ‘Football Hooligan Occupation’ of English Channel Islands. Jittery locals panic and try to round up and send them home, some don’t want to go, France sends ‘Gendarme swat teams’ to protect their citizens, TV crews film at 11. France then sends army to occupy the islands. Position of Advantage: Attempts to peacefully secure positions or maintain advantages often expand the crisis. American Examples; Bunker (Breed’s) Hill, re-supply of Ft Sumter. Ideas; Obviously, UK has to attempt re-supply mission(s) to Gibraltar (and Cypress, Akrotiri) Setbacks: Early defeats, but just a bloody nose, not a knockout. American example; the British drive Gen. Washington out of New York City and Long Island, but don’t capture his army. Scenario Idea: Gibraltar & Akrotiri cut off, becomes a long siege, like Corregidor. USA still trying to stay out of it, because/despite NATO implications, publicly calls for de-escalation talks, while privately sends aid to UK
  3. Another wild card that should be included in wargaming is the occasional crazy instruction from higher headquarters or civilian leadership. While playing a GUIK scenario, I had two F-15's from Iceland shoot down a raid of 11-12 bombers. I thought about how two aces in one flight would be commemorated. I came up with a few possible (though maybe not probable) responses from 'echelons above reality'. A. Give those pilots more flight time. The Navy has three double aces - the Air Force must catch up! B. Transfer the pilots to Nellis AFB to be instructors at the fighter weapons school. Replacements will be sent next week. C. Send the pilots, with their airplanes, home for a war bond drive and speeches to boost civilian morale. D. Arrest those pilots! The UN says they shot down airliners full of school children and pensioners on a sight seeing excursion. Imagine the squadron commander's dilemma. Fight the war, or Fight the bureaucracy. You can't win both battles
  4. Tony, Yes, two problems. 1. no computer at home with Harpoon already installed 2. no HUCE disc to install game in any other computer available (work, but don't tell my boss) Every box we open is a surprise, and there are still many unopened. It might be in the next box we open, or the second box down in the stack. Patience and Persistence are the monthly passwords. Thanks again for your ideas and thoughts. Wrench
  5. No Joy. My wife wanted to work on the kitchen. We found lots of boxes of pots, pans and Tupperware ® , © , TM , etc. et. al. We found a box of Halloween and Easter decorations (in the kitchen?). And we found a box of office supplies (in the kitchen?, !#$%&* movers), but no computer.
  6. Thank you for the encouragement and ideas for moving forward. Maybe this weekend I'll find and unpack the right box.
  7. Hello, I have a scenario I have been writing for about 2 years. I recently moved and can't find the box with my computer with HUCE installed. HINT: When the moving company boasts about how much "we care!", they really don't. The 'script' for the scenario is on a different computer. Shhh, don't tell my boss it is the one at work. My Request Is Would anyone like to help me make this scenario available to the community by converting my 'script' into a Harpoon game file? Please PM me if you are interested.
  8. Here are a few ideas I have, not sure they are possible, but hope you think them worth considering. #5. What about Damaged Aircraft? Upon landing a flight of 4, the staff assistant announces that one a/c requires an engine change, estimated time to complete X hours (AI generates random Y hours +- Z minutes until ready, it does NOT have to match the estimate), then in HUCE another 1 hour to reload weapons. Or the staff assistant could mention other system failures like Radar, ECM, Life Support, Structure, or Fuel System, all with random times to fix that add realism to the game, and frustrations to the players. #8. See GEOCHRON ® © (etc.) Wall Clocks for a potential display concept. #11. In addition to longer ready times for most weapons loads, how about Integrated Combat Turnarounds with shorter times for a few very simple loads. ie; F-16A ICT-AtA 6x AIM-9M, internal fuel only, 1x ALQ-119 15 Minutes (I actually saw this done in 14min 57sec) probably only useful for interceptions close to the airbase, but it can help you out of a desperate situation with too many MiG's - not enough missiles F-16C ICT-AtG 2x AIM-9M, 2x Mk82 (or Mk84), 2x wing tanks, 1x ALQ-131 30 Minutes (I think the actual AF standard says within 45 min) great for troops in contact CAS All depending on the state of repair of the airbase, ICT's may not be possible if the airbase is below 75% (or pick a number) of normal capability. #35 Can Harpoon make the distinction between Probe - Drogue refueling and Boom - Receptacle refueling? The KC-135A takes a few hours to unbolt the nozzle at the end of the boom and bolt on a 5ft section of hose with a drogue. The KC-10A has both a centerline boom and an internal Hose and Drogue almost on the centerline. The KC-135R has the ability to carry 2 Hose Drum Units in pods near the wingtips while keeping the boom with a nozzle on the centerline, but only the 100th ARW, RAF Mildenhall, carries the HDU's regularly. It would be more realistic, requiring a little more thought and planning from the player. Lastly, I would like to see some kind of database entry for F-15C's based in Iceland with the 57th FIS. They routinely carried: 4 Sparrows 4 Sidewinders 2 conformal fuel tanks (type I, not the type IV found on F-15E's) 3 external tanks (1 centerline, 1 under each wing) Because of geography, they could accept the reduced maneuverability (few or no MiG's could reach that far) in exchange for longer patrols to catch Tu-95's and other long range aircraft.
  9. Hmm, eight carriers means that at any given time it is likely only two will be deployed. I see many possible scenarios where a carrier is unavailable, and a theater commander still needs to sail a task force into harms way. A great test of creativity for designers and players -- build, and then win a scenario without blue water airpower.
  10. I sometimes try to go after AEW's at 'shift-change' where one aircraft is leaving station to land, and another is arriving on station. It takes patience, timing and luck to be at the right place at the right time. The benefits are two for the price of one, and maybe confusing the AI enough that no more AEW's are launched, even if they are available.
  11. A few months ago, I researched Integrated Combat Turnarounds and NATO Cross Servicing. To summarize and paraphrase the many sources. Basic: Each NATO base was supposed to be able to provide suitable fuel, oil and other fluids to any type of plane from any member nation. The intent was if a plane had to divert, it could eventually get back to home station on its own. Enhanced: Bases with compatible munitions should be able to load any plane that could accept and use them. The minimum I was able to find was AIM-9 air to air missiles and BL-755 cluster bombs - anything else was more luck than good planning. Keeping track of an airplane's home station would add even more coding, and I am not sure if it would enhance game-play. Also, how do you simulate the delays and friction involved with getting a Base Commander to authorize the loading of weapons 'his' planes need onto someone else's jets, especially if his munitions bunkers are getting close to empty.
  12. I don't have any of the exotic dice Mark is using. But I was able to work up an alternate using a spreadsheet program and the random number generating function, RANDOMBETWEEN(X,Y). It lets you set the year in one step, RB(1960,2030). I also set up the main Blue and Red sections in columns that did not have to be limited to 20 entries. Picking the allies for Red and Blue was interesting since I sometimes got the same country on both sides (possibly a civil war, or insurgent proxies?). It would make things even more interesting if there were a column to pick neutral nations that clutter up the action and constrict the options of Blue and Red? I'm thinking about Sweden or Switzerland during the Cold War. They were ready to shoot down any plane that flew over their territory and didn't care which direction it was going. An island nation neutral might force a naval task force to sail the long way around in international waters, giving the enemy enough time and knowledge to set up an ambush. Mark, I noticed you had an entry for Red Non-State Belligerents (pirates, smugglers, etc.). What about neutrals and NGO's? Would it be too distracting for the Blue player if the orders included the protection of (but no control over) a Doctors Without Borders Clinic at the same time he attacks Red and Red's Ally(ies)? A Neutral (Green) ship might be a fool that sailed his yacht into an exclusion zone, or a CNN charter boat watching a carrier launch an airstrike. You can't order them to clear the area, and you can't sink them.
  13. Call me cynical, but I think this means one of two things; 1) The work has already been done. 2) He plans to start next week/month.
  14. I agree with Grumble; What does the pilot know and when does he know it? When the enemy radar lights up the RWR is a good time to jettison fuel tanks (but not bombs, yet) and start deploying chaff, flares and decoys. If that breaks the radar lock, the flight can continue to the target. When the enemy radar re-acquires, repeat chaff, flares, decoys. How does the AI change the hit-miss calculation when chaff, flares and decoys are used? When the pilot has a visual on incoming missile(s), or when the enemy fighter is behind and in gun range at 4 to 8 o'clock, then the pilot should jettison bombs. The only maneuver that I know works in Harpoon is 'run-away-fast'. Does the pilot also jettison the bomb racks (TER's or MER's) and pylons (if possible)? I read in a pilot's Vietnam memoir where he criticized a fellow pilot for dumping everything, because in his opinion, it did not give any extra speed or maneuverability. Grumble has it right;
  15. Some scenarios can be made more air intensive by self impossed player restrictions. "Demise of the Seventh Fleet" (I think it is in IOPG Designer Set 2) might be suitable. I would recomend doing things like; keeping the CVBG in the southern part of the Indian Ocean (avoiding a surface naval engagement), setting all possible aircraft load-outs to Air-to-Air or LR-Air-to-Air and only flying defensive Barrier CAP missions (no offensive fighter sweeps). You might not achieve the victory conditions set by the scenario designer, but you could satisfy your aim of lots of air combat. Another thing to try; Draw up a notional pilot roster for each squadron, track who flies each mission and what they shoot down. It is a lot of paperwork, but at the end of game-time you can tally up each pilots victories and see how many aces you have.
  16. I was in the US Air Force stationed in England in Autumn of 1982. I had an interesting conversation in a pub with an older bloke (he was probably a lad in 1941). He said that after WW2 and their 'Finest Hour', people thought the future held no more greatness for England. But after victory in the South Atlantic, people were starting to think maybe there would be many more Fine Hours ahead, just competing for second place in the Fine Hours Rankings. Then a guy farther down the bar asked where Trafalgar would rank. I forget the details of the rest of the discussion -- not everyone is eloquent after a few pints. But by the end of the night, they agreed that the Falklands War ranked somewhere in the Top 10. I'm not sure where I read it, but someone wrote that without success in 1982, Britain might not have been willing to do anything in 1990-91.
  17. I tried to work up a scenario for Harpoon Ultimate Commanders Edition for the US vs.Cuba in the 2013-2014 time frame last summer. I found that the biggest problem was that Cuban military equipment is old and dwindling in numbers. US fourth generation fighters would have a 'turkey-shoot' against Cuban third generation aircraft. Some balance could be established by assuming a background of deep defense cuts in America, and several simultaneous hot spots in the world drawing almost all US forces away from North America. Scrapping the bottom of the barrel would turn up older ships and planes in the Navy Reserve and Air National Guard. Putting 2 or 3 fighters or tankers at every Reserve and Guard base across the southeast US would make strike coordination challenging, not least because the state governors want 'their' planes back at home station every night. Support from Venezuela with 4th gen Su-30MKV's could tip the balance in Cuba's favor - if introduced at the right moment. 1. I'm not sure Russia would get involved. Memories of burned fingers in 1962 would remind them how hot the stove can get. China would have the economic, political and military resources to comit to an adventure in the US backyard. The goal might be putting DF-21's in Cuba that would be in range of Mayport and Norfolk, preventing US carriers from leaving their homeports. Venezuela is an easy pick for mischief maker. There is enough friction on their common border that I don't think Brazil would join any team that included Venezuela. I get the impression that Argentina has kept the Falkland/Malvinas embers smouldering, and would focus attention there - treating anything else as a distraction from their goals. I like the idea of including Iran, quietly working to gain influence in the region. North Korea might be another such 'under-the-radar' type player. 2. The US might express its displeasure by putting a Coast Guard detachment on every Navy ship around South America and conducting intense board and search operations on any ship owned by the offending countries. The delays and schedule disruptions for merchant shipping would have immediate and long term economic effects. 3. A large group of countries (especially Russia and China) arrayed against the US might give some US leaders nightmares of a new cold war. They would not be getting enough sleep, and as my grandfather told me, "Tired people make mistakes". 4. Europe as a whole would stay neutral, but European countries with historic ties to Caribbean nations might send some ships or planes to reassure their cousins (ie. UK to Jamaica and Bahamas, France to Martinique, etc.). 5. Other considerations: The third set of larger locks for the Panama Canal are scheduled to open in the next few years. Shipping routes and trade flows will change, but who will see the biggest gains or loses when PanaMax gets redefined. You did not mention Guantanamo Bay. What happens at the navy base during the crisis? 6. I think this is a plausable idea. I would look forward to playing it if you write a version for HUCE.
  18. What is the current standard ASCAP/BMI rate? "Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap" would be good for the follow-up, don't-ya think? Then for the grand finale, Sammy Hagar and "V-O-A"! (... Be on your toes ... We're about to strike ... Everybody knows)
  19. Hello, Thought I would introduce myself. I am a long time player of Harpoon. I have been lurking here a little over a year. I received Harpoon Ultimate Edition as a Christmas gift and have been amazed at the improvements over my old (1997) version of the game. I also tried to follow a couple of Harpoon websites about a decade ago, but stopped after realizing there was a war in progress, but could not figure out the sides, combatants or issues. I just saw that anyone who said anything got burned. A couple of info posts here and elsewhere helped me understand that situation. I will try not to stir up any still smoldering embers. I hope I can add useful ideas and information to the discussions, A small caution, my sense of humor is a little off beat, but it seems I might be able to fit in with this crowd.
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