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OK guys...here it is...Scen-Zilla. I'm not releasing this in the general public forum yet because I really need to know a few things due to its size.


This one needs a real, thourough test please, what I need you to look for are the following.


1. Scenario can run on your computer. If it does not RAM and processor speeds would be helpfull for tweaking decisions.

2. Obvioulsy that all victory conditions for the player can be met. I am personally going to play through as red to check the AI's conditions (they may get eased up some).

3. Do ships run aground? I've moved some of them and while I can't control how the AI uses its ships, I should at least have it where no blue units will run aground if they stay on their assigned courses.


Also, give me a general impression of the feel of the scenario. Is it too hard? Too easy? Remember this is still beta, so I can always make changes based on your imput.


thanks for checking this one guys.



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I sent a review by e-mail to hmh704@yahoo.com but never received confirmation. I can re-post it here if requested by Akula.


I probably got it Herman, but I've been so busy lately I'd forgotten about it. And I purged my email the other day (get too many at times) so if its not a problem seeing it again would help.

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Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2008 3:45 PM

Subject: Re: harpoon scenario - test run



You've got nice AEW and SAM coverage for Red. The pace of the game was good and consistent. The sporadic SRBM attacks was nice and kept me on my toes. However, not many of those attacks seemed to be aimed for my major bases. They primarily hit secondary bases. Would have been more difficult if they were spread out a bit along with the ALCM attacks.


Nice job attacking Guam late in the game. Keeps a player 'honest' and doesn't allow him to transfer all his planes to Japan.


ECM was well positioned and had good coverage.


The SA-21 units on Kuriles and the Peninsula beside it gave me the most losses.


I was able to methodically win air superiority before going after the Red Amphibs. If you want to make the game harder, you might include a ViCond that forces me to attack those ships earlier. i.e. put in a Red OnStation ViCond for them being near the Kuriles for XX hours. That way, I have to take more risks and can't wait to soften them up first or allow me to leisurely destroy all the air cover before going after them.


The lack of tankers for the US appeared odd to me. Also, if the scen is in the near future, the use of S-3 Vikings for ASW is probably not likely and they would likely go with the MH-60s. I'm not fussy about OoBs. I just mention it FYI.


Good scen. I'm sure that everyone will enjoy it as much as I did.



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