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Scenario Version 5?


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Yay, an informational message worked but quite clearly needs more useful information :).

I'm assuming you mean the recent scenario from Enrique File - Carribean Basin -FONOPS off Venezuela 2020. Historical/Alternate History Scenario. - Scenario Design & Discussion - HarpGamer .

That suggests the game version you need is 2015.008 but it is really 2017.011 or newer as version 5 of the scenario file format was introduced in version 2017.011.  

You can get the current game version from the Beta downloads area here.  Current Files - General - HarpGamer The betas are currently very stable.

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48 minutes ago, JBFoulks said:

Ok, I play HUCE on two computers (laptop and desktop).  The laptop runs the updates, no issues.  My desktop, click on the updates after extracting, and it just stares back at me.  Both are running Windows 10 (laptop-Pro, desktop-Enterprise) Both are 64 bit OC.  Any thoughts?

Windows 10 Enterprise, that suggests you can handle unzipping a file instead of running an installer.  It also makes me want to troubleshoot.  To get you going quickly, here is a zip file with the changed files to get you from 2015.027 to 2020.017 that you can just unzip in the right place on the desktop machine.


With the Win 10 Enterprise, are you joined to a domain or otherwise have group policies applied that may prevent the installers from running?  This is the first report of the installer heading off into oblivion.

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