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  1. JBFoulks

    Version 7

    DonaldSeaDog...you are the man!
  2. JBFoulks

    Version 7

    I am trying to run a scenario that says it i running version 7 and my game is version 6. I use to remember how to fix this, but i no longer remember. Thoughts?
  3. Ok, I play HUCE on two computers (laptop and desktop). The laptop runs the updates, no issues. My desktop, click on the updates after extracting, and it just stares back at me. Both are running Windows 10 (laptop-Pro, desktop-Enterprise) Both are 64 bit OC. Any thoughts?
  4. I tried playing FONOPS off Venezuela 2020. Historical/Alternate History Scenario. 1.0.0 on HUCE. I couldn't play it because it needs scenario version 5, and I have version 3. I can't find a version 5 anywhere. Anyone have any thoughts?
  5. JBFoulks

    Updating GE

    Ok, where would I find 2017.14?
  6. JBFoulks

    Updating GE

    Where can I find HC2017.013?
  7. JBFoulks

    Updating GE

    I have been playing HCE for years. Recently tried installing the new .dll file (first time changing those files). When I run HCE I am told I need to update/upgrade my GE. Any guidance?
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