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Database size?


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7 hours ago, broncepulido said:

This means entries on each Database field could be 32767 ???


- Chg:00000 PE  pfBuild Changed Import Spec "bsStringsImport", RowData from 4096 to
                 32767 which is the maximum allows in Access 2002/XP thru 2019

Unfortunately no, Country names are laid out in a comma-delimited format, the total width of which can be 32767 characters.  We are still limited to 4096 items per core annex (ships, subs, planes, ...).  But 4096 is still a lot better than the 2048 that we started with!


Rene made a good case for more ship subtypes yesterday so that is my next big project.  We'll double from 128 to 256.  ETA 2 weeks.

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