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Harpoon 5 Jumpstart


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The official Harpoon 5 Jumpstart is released.  This is a preview of the H5 rules in the form of a scenario playthrough.  The Jumpstart is a free download.  It can be downloaded here, and will be available soon at the Wargame Vault (http://wargamevault.com) or at The Admiralty Trilogy (http://www.admiraltytrilogy.com/).

For your behind-the-scenes information, the Jumpstart scenario was run by me using SimPlot.  There were actually three scenarios executed, with each one resulting in tweaks to the rules, data annexes, or the scenario graphics.  The Guardian scenario contained therein is the third and final version.  Some changes to SimPlot were also implemented to facilitate making data changes to the scenario.  Some of these changes will find there way into the next SP update.

Larry Bond has given permission to freely copy and distribute the Jumpstart.

The H5 rules, data annexes, and Player's Handbook are awaiting final print proofing.  We are almost there!

HpnV Jumpstart 10 Jul 20.pdf

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The Jumpstart was great.  I don't know how many times I've referred to it while making my way through the Harpoon V rules.  It is a walk through, not so much the rules (although that's really helpful), but rather the spirit and tension of the engagement.

Any chance there will be another (or more) Jumpstart?  Maybe some detailed examples of play.....

Seeing the rules come alive is fabulous.  It is also a great way for new Harpoon players (like me) to see how the game and rule mechanics come together.


Thanks for the Jumpstart.

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3 hours ago, B3y3run said:

My apologizing for Necroing this but I wish there was an option to pay for a soft bound copy as you can with the rules etc.

I haven't done this since before FedEx bought Kinkos but there are many services that will give you a nice bound printout of PDFs.  https://www.google.com/search?q=pdf+to+bound+print was a fruitful search.

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