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  1. Started setting up a simple scenario using the Sea of Japan map in 2.3 Build 16 (Win 10 on an old 2015 HP AMD/Radeon 7620 laptop, OS kept up to date). So far so good.
  2. I've just gotten started with the latest beta, but I like having that functionality available. I hope it remains part of SimPlot in some form.
  3. Scored it last week: many thanks for the heads-up. I expect much time and many ships will be sunk in 2022.
  4. Indeed, thank you very much for all you've done for the community. My club are eager to have me run some H5 for them over the holidays. Think I'd like to try it this way.
  5. Just joining now. Will listen and learn. (Discord handle is LS-1794 KenH.)
  6. Thank you for that heads-up. Right now I'm using Harpoon 3rd ed plus Sea of Dragons (just acquired) and trying to learn SimPlot.
  7. Very interesting -- looking forward to checking this one out. I have a Korean scenario I want to try in Harpoon (I've previously gamed it using a player-made missile-era variant of General Quarters).
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