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I would like to create a Harpoon scenario in the near future and would like to include one of my favourite fictional aircraft, the MiG-31 "Firefox" from the Craig Thomas novel.



* A carrier strike

* A land mission

* An AAW battle with a US version. Maybe 20 on each side.



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I built the Firefox for Tony's FictDB for HCE. Not sure if Herman has added the Firefox to the PDB, but I'm sure he would if you were going to write a scenario for it.


If you weren't looking to recreate the movie/novel storyline in a scenario, I suppose the sky's the limit.

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I would shy away from the carrier strike, I think the Tu-22 and Bears had that covered quite well!


I do like the idea of a land strike, perhaps taking out early warning radars, maybe facing whatever F-22 equivalent could have been fielded at the time (not knowing when the scenario is set makes the crystal ball cloudy). Maybe some F-117 need to strap on Sidewinders and help out the F-15s :huh:


I don't think a pure AAW battle without some land element would be all that rewarding.


my 2 cents anyway

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