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SE Course editor bug issuing attacks


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First of 2 bugs found in SE.


This one causes the orders menus to become disabled in SE if you clear a course in course editor after issuing attack commands.


Repeatable: Always


1. Create a new scenario with a blue base and a red surface or sub group.

2. Activate the group and choose orders > enter course.

3. Enter 1 or 2 legs of the course, then click F1 to bring up the attack menu.

4. Order the group to attack the blue base.

5. Clear the course and close the course order editor, at this point all orders menus will be greyed out and unselectable, even with hot keys.


Build 2008.026


Additionally, it seems to disable the menus even if you accept the orders and do not clear the course.

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HCE - 2009.025


- Chg:0000 SE Make sure to enable the Orders and Orders2 menus after issuing

an Attack command from the course editor. (thhanks Akula)

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