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Gulf Escort Deja Vu PBEM


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I would like to run a PBEM game based on the Gulf Escort Deja Vu scenario from the H4 Quickstart guide. The game will be played out with SimPlot v1.6.0.0. This will give me a chance to evaluate SimPlot for multiplayer use. My own in-house experiments show promise, but now it's time to play for real.


Turns will be played by me until either a new detection is made or we reach a decision point (no set time frame per night--it will be "event driven"). I will then communicate to the appropriate player (sending a new turn file and ask for new orders). It will be inevitable that a player may not get an email from me every night. You will definitely get one when something happens. The game will resume when I get a response. Given the simple scenario and limited units, I am hoping for immediate responses to requests for orders (within 24 hours). I can send/receive emails after 7PM Eastern Time.


I need two players. Please indicate here your willingness to play.


If all goes well, then I would consider playing other scenarios from the H4 Quickstart guide. I like those scenarios, and I never had a chance to play them with others.



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I'd be interested in playing this scneario. It has been long time from my last game, but I've been following SimPlot development and think it's worth a try... :)

Iranian side preferred, but this is not a must.



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Looks like no one else wants to play for now, so we can start. I will be the referee and blue side, and you are red side.


I just had a thought. Since there is only one player, I can communicate and pass SimPlot files right here in the forum. Others can follow along by downloading the files, too.


The scenario will start as per the Quickstart guide (do you have a copy?) You have 2 Houdong class PTG boats. Please indicate your formation (within visual sight of each other) and course, speed, and sensor status.


There is no background map in this scenario, so I will "paint you a picture." North is at the top of the screen. Iran is to the North (50nm behind you), and the Kuwait Oil Terminal is generally to the Northwest. You can expect all traffic to come and go from that direction. Visibility is poor (25%) due to haze.

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OK, we'll start with 3 nm separation bettween units (the Falaq and the Qadir, if names are not yet chosen) with parallel courses.

Course is 225 at 15 knots. Radar is off.

Continue this way for 1 hour or until ESM / visual contact. Then I will think about search patterns or else...



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Turn 1012 Detection Phase:


You pick up an ESM at bearing 237 deg. You identify it as an APS-503 radar.


I just encountered a problem with SimPlot not loading your ESM bearings from the turn file. I am looking into it now. Do you have any changes to your orders?

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Finally I managed to open the turn file. I had to change decimal point configuration from comma (,) to dot (.) , otherwise, units does not appear. Anyway, now I see units and ESM bearings OK.


Could it be possible add limited edition functions to "player mode". (i.e.: Add Reference points or range circles)? Then I could set markers to ESM cross-bearings to find estimated ranges. It's not necessary maintain them from turn to turn, but use of temporary ref points.


New orders:

Qadir, course to 260, speed to 20 knots

Falaq maintain course 225, speed to 20 knots

Follow for 30 minutes or until new contacts appear.

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Even if you made changes to your turn file, those changes are not sent back to the referee. The data flow is essentially one way--from the ref to the player. To get around this, I envision players requesting the ref to create range circles and ref points as needed. To that end, here are your requested ref points! If you need range circles for things like radar or weapons, let me know.


Turn 1042 Plotting Phase


Your 30 minutes are up. No new contacts, but the existing ESM bearings have changed. Ref points are plotted at 3 minute intervals at ESM convergence points.



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Turn file _intl.txt works OK for me, with my own regional configuration (commas). Also, creation, save and reload of new scenarios works OK.



OK, new orders follow:


Let's make some guessing about target position, and go for it...


Qadir, change course to 256, speed to 30 knots

Falaq, change course to 240, speed to 30 knots


Continue until new ESM contacts appear, or APS-503 (at 120 knots must be an helo) contact comes closer than 20 nm of any of my ships.

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