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  1. Gentlemen, I just sent a PM to Kevin resigning to my place in the game. Finally I cannot afford enough time to prepare and follow the game as I would like. My apologies for making you all wait for me and finally not to start. I hope you can start the game with someone else, and in the future we can share other games. Albert
  2. Thanks for your understanding. As soon I can get a little organized, I'll send my first turn. Albert
  3. Gentlemen, This week I'm having several personal and professional problems that prevent me to prepare the game. I hope having a bit more time near the weekend. Would it be possible to delay the start a few days? I'm very sorry, but it's been a series of unexpected circumstances all together, as usual... Thanks for your understanding. I'm sure I'll be able to prepare everything next weekend and then follow without problem. Albert
  4. I have High Tide but not the Sitrep, si I'd need the cargo ship data. Albert
  5. Don't know. Perhaps Russian. If Yishten wants it, no problem for me. If not I'll take Russians. Alb
  6. I'd be happy to play too. If Tony is also interested in playing this scenario, I'll respect time precedence, of course. Albert
  7. As red player, I thought that trying a short-range launch was basic. This way the frigate had less chances of intercept my missiles. This tactic also implies that this is a near-suicide mission. There is almost no chance of run away. Actually, I tried to target all my missiles on the tanker, delaying seeker activation until I calculated they would have surpassed the frigate. I did not count on disabling Harpoon launchers in order to have a minimal exit opportunity, so I played all for crippling the tanker, and surely becoming martyrs for the "revolution". About SimPlot, I found it great to follow units situation. I just would have wanted to be able to add my own ref points and/or range circles, to make my own range and bearing calculations. Kevin provided relevant points and range circles, and they were very useful, but sometimes you want to play a bit more with the situation. Finally, I set my own turn file, with enemy units estimated position, bearing and speed to make simulations of future movement and location. One possible change would be enable some changes to "player" turn files (i.e., ref points and range circles), even this files are not returned to referee. Otherwise, I enjoyed very much this playtest, and will be glad to play any other you want to try.
  8. Well, it could have been worse... I could have tried to open a bit more my angles of attack, in order not to "waste" missiles on Halifax, but I had not patience enough... Now, let's see if their Harpoons are bad enough or I'll be with Allah in a short time...
  9. OK, I'll make my attack and run. Qadir: Course 230 at 30 knots for 2 TTurns (6 min) Fire all four C802 on bearing 238, activate seeker after 10 nm After firing, turn to 315 at max speed 34 knots, switch radar on Falaq: Course 235 at 30 knots for 2 TTurns (6 min) Fire all four C80s on bearing 293, activate seeker after 10 nm After firing, turn to 190 at max speed 34 knots, switch radar on I'm not sure, but I suppose cannon can be Radar controlled. But my Type 756 radar is listed as SS only. Can it engage air targets? Anyway, then see what happens
  10. New orders: Qadir, new course 230 at 30 knots Falaq, maintain course 235 at 30 knots Continue for 30 minutes unless contact Radar 1007 comes closer than Intl Radar, or Helo contact comes inside gun range.
  11. OK. My doubt was if I needed a radar return for launch, or just a position (bearing, distance) to turn on the seeker. So, I could launch based only in ESM cross-bearings, correct?
  12. Next to a military radar, must be an enemy... Classify this contact as hostile. Orders: Qadir, new course 225 at 30 knots Falak, new course 235 at 30 knots Continue for 30 minutes or until get an ESM cross-bearing for contact with radar 1007. Question about missiles (I have my rules a bit rusty): Guidance I/TARH (the Inertial part) means that I don't need a radar return to launch? Could I launch with only an ESM cross-bearing?
  13. Orders: Qadir, new course 180 at 30 knots, switch radar off Falak, new course 220 at 30 knots, radar off Continue until get a cross-bearing ESM for new contacts, any of them.
  14. Orders: Qadir maintaing course 290 at 30 knots, radar on. Falaq change course to 270 at 30 knots, radar off. Maintain until radar contact detected or ESM contact again closes distance to us. Anyway, will reevaluate for new orders in 30 minutes. Thanks for range circles for weapons and detection. You are ahead of my requests... BTW, are you using Harpoon 4 original radar ranges or modified ranges per "Smartes radars for Harpoon" rules?
  15. Sorry for the delay. My orders: Qadir new course 290 at 30 knots. Switch radar on. Falaq new course 250 at 30 knots. If new contacts appear on radar, will evaluate and give new orders.
  16. OK. Orders: Qadir continues same course and speed (256@30 knots) Falaq change course to 270 and maintain speed 30 knots. Continue for 30 minutes unless get new ESM contacts or helo comes inside 10 nm range of any of the ships. After 30 minutes, switch on radar on Qadir. Depending on radar contacts, I'll give you new orders. I'm planning a bit ahead, but assuming a squared flying pattern for the helo leads me to the center of the square...
  17. Turn file _intl.txt works OK for me, with my own regional configuration (commas). Also, creation, save and reload of new scenarios works OK. OK, new orders follow: Let's make some guessing about target position, and go for it... Qadir, change course to 256, speed to 30 knots Falaq, change course to 240, speed to 30 knots Continue until new ESM contacts appear, or APS-503 (at 120 knots must be an helo) contact comes closer than 20 nm of any of my ships.
  18. Finally I managed to open the turn file. I had to change decimal point configuration from comma (,) to dot (.) , otherwise, units does not appear. Anyway, now I see units and ESM bearings OK. Could it be possible add limited edition functions to "player mode". (i.e.: Add Reference points or range circles)? Then I could set markers to ESM cross-bearings to find estimated ranges. It's not necessary maintain them from turn to turn, but use of temporary ref points. New orders: Qadir, course to 260, speed to 20 knots Falaq maintain course 225, speed to 20 knots Follow for 30 minutes or until new contacts appear.
  19. OK, we'll start with 3 nm separation bettween units (the Falaq and the Qadir, if names are not yet chosen) with parallel courses. Course is 225 at 15 knots. Radar is off. Continue this way for 1 hour or until ESM / visual contact. Then I will think about search patterns or else... Albert
  20. OK. Waiting then your instruction for beginning. Albert
  21. I'd be interested in playing this scneario. It has been long time from my last game, but I've been following SimPlot development and think it's worth a try... Iranian side preferred, but this is not a must. Albert
  22. Done. Have you decided about game pace (i.e. turn frequency in real life)?
  23. Hi, I would be interested too.
  24. Great news. I'm trying to find some time to run a small scenario over Simplot, to refresh Harpoon rules, but I'm afraid it won't be possible until my holidays... Waiting for your updates. Until then, have a nice vacation!! Albert
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