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Hi all,


I notice a few newer players have some difficulty grasping naval tactics, and it can sometimes be long winded to explain some things in a forum post especially if you end up doing it for several of the forum users.


I have begun work on an ASW guide, which I will be posting up in this thread everytime I have updated it to keep things current.


I have laid out some groundwork for the first section of the guide, not very much, but enough for some of you to see whether it is worth me carrying on writing it in this manner and plus whether the content in there is any good. I would appreciate your input as I am a firm believer that no one person can be the font of all knowledge (which I am most certainly not even close to being) and by opening this up to criticism and suggestions by you all I can produce a quality document for new users of HCE.


I dont intend on updating any further for the moment till I have had some input from you guys on whether its a good idea, as it is going to be alot of work :)


This is NOT fully formatted yet.... I WILL be adding some screenshot examples and introducing a contents page..


comments please? ;)




08\12\2007 - 02:00 - Completed draft text population for section DETECT>FORMATION - uploaded file

11\12\2007 - 12:05 - Begun population of text for section DESTROY - uploaded file

11\12\2007 - 20:35 - Begun Population of text for section DETECT>PATROLS - uploaded file

071\2008 - 15:35 - Continued Population of text for section DETECT> PATROLS

- Begun Population of text for section INTERROGATE

- uploaded file


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Looking good, I added only a couple of comments in the document itself.


Maneuver is spelled wrong in the document as manuver


I would spend some time talking about the different characteristics of each formation patrol right (whether that ring in station keeping, sprint-drift, etc.) as it provides that handy sprint-drift management for you in the proper ring.


A table of contents would be handy and should carry over to any final PDF format just fine. There didn't seem to be much terminology used, but you could always add a glossary for fun at the end if you end up with more terminology.


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Thank you very much for reading through that! all input will go very far to making this document worth making and reading!


The sprint drift thing is something I need to cover yes, I am somewhat shakey at the moment about describing it and I may need to ask for some help with that. But im sure you eggheads will be more than willing to answer any q's <g>


With regards to the contents and glossary, that will be put into works later in the development, I am still currently in the process of fleshing out the meaty stuff, its far to early to do a contents I feel because I may still chop and change the order yet.



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