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  1. Now that I think about it, my hypothesis is that this issue only occurs on scenarios made before the latest patch, as I can reproduce this issue on the old legacy BattleSet scenarios from the 1980s in 2019.002. I cannot reproduce this problem on a simple scenario, but I'll have to investigate further. It makes me wonder if there was anything regarding air patrols (or auto formation ones) that was changed between 2015.027 and today that might be causing the problem...
  2. Thanks, Tony. This worked fine and made the formation buttons appear again!
  3. I'm playing on the legacy GIUK battleset running the latest beta files on Windows 7, and using HCDB-150928. I've noticed that the Formation Editor is missing the usual buttons to set sizes and assign units to zones! I've attached a save game, simple scenario, and screenshot in the zip. Pressing F4 on any group in both scenario and save should show the problem. This does not happen on GE 2018.002, BTW. formation editor issue files.zip
  4. I know Japanese and have read a few of this author's other comics. Back in the late '80s he wrote The Silent Service (a rogue Japanese SSN vs. the U.S. and Soviet navies, somewhat like Hunt for the Red October) and is now doing Aircraft Carrier Ibuki (Japan vs. China featuring a JMSDF ski-jump carrier with F-35s).
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