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  1. We Brits have a long tradition of sending capital ships out to the far east with no air cover - Prince of Wales and Repulse?
  2. I might suggest including the Brits with an aircraft carrier and no aircraft! John
  3. Thanks Tony, Many thanks for your reply. The current lockdown in the UK has reignited my enjoyment of the game and I had not played this series of scenarios. The EW effects and refuelling are also much improved now. Spoiler Alert It is build 2015.027 and I have finally cracked it. As you point out, it is the lack of time and a hidden air defence DDG that put paid to my previous attempts. Everything that can be converted to a tanker needs to be and as early as possible. Diego Garcia is a metaphorical and literal waste of time in this scenario. BW John
  4. I have been playing the EC2003 Battle, Wrath for the IOPG now for nearly a week; I think I am on the 5th or 6th attempt. I am struggling to understand what I have to do to win. I have to launch maximum effort strikes against terrorist bases (ZZa, ZYa ZXa) Destroy C31 system as a prime target (ZVb) suppress air defense activity around Bandar Abbas (Ztb, ZOb) My first problem is that there is no ZZa, only a ZZb. Even if I destroy all the bases (assuming ZZa is really ZZb) and am in the process of attacking Ztb and ZOb, the loss of 12 planes triggers the enemy minimum win conditions. Is this a Kobayashi Maru, no win situation?
  5. Given the kit that Dubai Emergency Services think they need, I am sure they will come up with a use for a submersible. A swimming pool on a submarine though? Brings to mind an ashtray on a motorbike. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/10/13/middleeast/dubai-police-hoversurf-flying-motorbike/index.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-middle-east-38711494/jetpack-firefighting-system-showcased-in-dubai https://www.theverge.com/2015/11/13/9728026/dubai-jetpacks-first-responders John
  6. Tony, Many thanks for the feed back. The new database is like discovering tactics all over again - fantastic piece of work. BW John
  7. SPOILER ALERT! Played this last night after the recent news article showing a B2 participating in S Korean joint exercise. V difficult to take out the bases without using the B2s as guided missiles. Someone should send a copy to the White House - maybe then the rhetoric might calm down! Positioned the U2s on passive to the SE and SW of the DPRK radar coverage. Damaged the two western mainland bases with tomahawk volleys - assuming these would be the hardest to get B2s in and out of. I think I averaged 50% and 60% damage respectively! Split my four B2s into two flights with tankers, sending one flight west across the Yellow Sea and back in across China (Yikes!) to strike Pyongyang from the NW. The other flight went east over the Sea of Japan to turn in west to strike the eastern bases. I think that JDAMs normally drop from medium height but guessed that the stealth modelling in the game would mean that I would have to go in at V Low to stand a chance. Still not sure if activating the radar at the last minute is needed for defensive ECM - not that it made an appreciable difference to the outcome! Even vectoring the approach to come in at a tangent to the AA defences and avoiding tight turns over a target - I was mostly toast. Tried bugging out all altitudes - it just changed which missile battery got to me first. The best tour of duty had a 25% crew mission survival. I'm still not quite sure about the tanker arrangements with the new database so I force refuelled outside the air radar coverage and loitered the tankers over Japan. (Only could refuel to 65% - I need to explore if you can refuel more than once but this scenario was hardly ideal for practising!) In the end I emptied the TLAMs at them based on the interpretation that if this didn't scream out for a contingency arrangement, what does? My learning curve continues its remorseless climb. Many thanks to CV32 for the drubbing! John
  8. Ok. tried the red version. Almost immediately lost a sub off Norway that was cruising at intermediate depth - clearly spotted by a blue sub lurking around. Dropped the rest to deep or slowed them to creep at intermediate. Despite this, another one found a torpedo on its tail. I have always been in a quandary about what to do to avoid torpedoes. Do you use your active sonar as the assistant is screaming at you? Surely this is tantamount to shouting, "Here I am!" to it. Do you slow down to increase manoeuvrability or speed up in the opposite direction? Anyway, I just ran and ran deep away from it and, surprisingly, it worked. Caught my breath and deployed an Il86 to station above central Sweden (the Swedes were surprisingly understanding). I then sent a Tu142 out via Iceland to sit quietly NE of Ireland. I was surprised and impressed how this combination reduced the uncertainty envelope around contacts - presumably the game engine models signal triangulation. Rotated these regularly while my subs got into position although I did get a fright when a P8A Poseidon suddenly started heading toward the Tu142. I could see a red weapon circle around it and thought, blimey its got sidewinders! Dropped to the deck and scooted off in the direction of Canada. It gave up at some point but I am still not sure what the circles were - looked a bit tight for SLAM-ERs. Incidentally, I remember Nimrods had sidewinders fitted during the Falklands - is this true for other maritime recon aircraft? Anyway, after that little scare, settled into watching and waiting while the subs moved south. Eventually sent a TU142 south and low over France and back up towards the Netherlands. Popped it up high and switched on the radar. Well! Typhoons all turned towards me like seagulls towards a bag of chips. However as a bonus, a carrier group lit up its radar. Ducked the TU142 back east and took it back to base via Moscow. Fortunately my Yasen was stopped about 40 miles down track of the carrier group. Just as I was about to fire tubes, I was bracketed by two torpedoes. Time to give Putin the ideal 'get out of jail card' and so I fired all tubes back. Hit the Sutherland and the QE, sinking the former and damaging the latter. The Yasen surfaced to show that it had all been a horrible mistake but, outrageously, got sunk for its trouble. The Lada was however just closing and finished off the QE with a salvo of torpedoes at maximum range. Enjoyed this and sorry, Enrique, if I have been posting all of this on the wrong thread. Many thanks John
  9. Enjoyed this scenario. Played from the blue side. Managed to transfer Merlins to the QE and set up short range ASW screen with land based assets giving longer range ASW screen. Once I deployed the AWACs and stationed the Typhoons off the Shetlands and south of Norway, I soon picked up the Il86 and Tu142 probes. Assuming these to be hostile, I splashed them and diverted the surface group to Portsmouth. Although I picked up SOSUS alerts of soviet subs to the north, hugging the UK coast with the ASW screen in place avoided any further subs. Curiously, I did get a missile attack on Lossiemouth which was intercepted by Typhoons. Although I did dock the surface group at Portsmouth with 2:05 days to go, no victory conditions came up. Did I perhaps abandon the North Sea trials too early after shooting down the Il86? Many thanks John
  10. having recently reacquired Harpoon (and a discarded windows laptop from my son to run it!) this site and especially this thread have rekindled my enthusiasm for the series. Hopefully I will learn from your experience (although I fear my learning curve will resemble my earlier one). Many thanks
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