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  1. Wow, that would be great. There is no real time lime, just a member of a wargaming group and would like to get harpoon in the rotation.
  2. I was thinking that i would have every ship on the main page that only I would see. Then the other 2 pages/tabs would only have each respective sides ships shown, the opposing ships would be hidden. When an opposing ship is detected and classified i would make it visible on all tabs. Or at least thats what i was thinking.
  3. I have Harpoon4 and a group of players to play with and as such i am trying to figure out a way to keep track of all the units accurately without going nuts. I downloaded the demo of this program and it looks like it would be perfect tracker for our games. But one question. If i put all the units on the Main Map is there any way to hide them on other tabs? In theory i could then keep a master track and move everything on the main map, while being able to show the players only their ships and what they have detected on other maps/tabs?
  4. Hello just got harpoon and want to play it so i came across this site then this discussion. While i don't have division commander per se. I have a .pdf file of all the maps, counters, rules, charts, etc. that i could turn into a functional game. So if you're still interested I have looked over the rules in the past but would need to reread them and construct the game its self, which would take time. However i would be happy to do it.
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