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Limiting Visibility for multiple users

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I have Harpoon4 and a group of players to play with and as such i am trying to figure out a way to keep track of all the units accurately without going nuts. I downloaded the demo of this program and it looks like it would be perfect tracker for our games. But one question. If i put all the units on the Main Map is there any way to hide them on other tabs? In theory i could then keep a master track and move everything on the main map, while being able to show the players only their ships and what they have detected on other maps/tabs?

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Unfortunately there is not an inherent way to track multiple sides.


If such a capability were to be implemented, how would you handle showing players detections? Would you show the true position of the detected unit or some other variation? How would you want to manage that as an umpire?



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I was thinking that i would have every ship on the main page that only I would see. Then the other 2 pages/tabs would only have each respective sides ships shown, the opposing ships would be hidden. When an opposing ship is detected and classified i would make it visible on all tabs. Or at least thats what i was thinking.

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