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About This File

This exportDLL library (external program) requires HC version 2015.10 or newer.
This program produces a file AARdata.txt in the main program folder of your HC installation. You can open the file for reading or editing the same as any text file. The content is laid out in sections, each section showing a log of activity in time order with the game date and time of the occurrence.
Currently the game message log and changes to the time factor are logged.
The file allows you to track over the entire game period important incidents which can be used eg to help write an AAR to share.
To use the program unzip the AARdata.dll file into the exportDLL folder of your HCE installation. To uninstall simply move or delete the file.
The program utilises 'LazGUI.dll' code by Tony Eischens and adapted by Don Thomas.

After going to the effort of producing and sharing a HC scenrio it's very nice to see some one has gone to the trouble of producing an AAR, itself requiring quite a bit of effort. I hope this tool will help those people who already bless us with AARs, and encourage more people to share their action with us all.
Don Thomas.

What's New in Version   See changelog


This version introduces the file name including battleset file name and scenario number so that you get individual AARdata files for each scenario played.
If you restart the same scenario from its start then you need to firstly delete that AARdata report file or the informatin will be incorrect.


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