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About This File

Demonstration DLL and source of the ExportDLL interface. This will be expanded as time permits, both in functionality and documentation.

Extract the DLL to the ExportDLLs folder of your HCE game, then restart the game. You can delete License.txt and lazGUI.txt.

Edit the source. Use Lazarus 1.6+ win32.
Source code now available from SVN, see the following with your favorite client:

What's New in Version 027   See changelog


lazGUI 20230328 HC 2023.001+
 Incremented DLL Version to 27
 Added HCEvent structure changes in
  ExportDLL interface Version 34.

lazGUI 2023#### HC 2022.006+
 Incremented DLL Version to 26
 Added GroupAllocated example handling code
  from ExportDLL Version 33
 Added from AutoSaves Export DLL the following
  and how it is wired to the project file and 
  main form.    
  // ALE 20221228 to store settings
  iniSettings: TIniFile;
  procedure RestoreWindowPosition();
  procedure SaveWindowPosition();  

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