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First AGS hardware delivered

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From Defense Aerospace


BAE Systems Delivers First Piece of Production Hardware for U.S. Navy's Advanced Gun System

(Source: BAE Systems; issued May 25, 2010)


ARLINGTON, Va. --- BAE Systems, along with partner General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products, delivered to the U.S. Navy the first automated magazine for the 155-mm Advanced Gun System (AGS) being developed for the DDG 1000 (Zumwalt) Destroyer Program.


The magazine is the first major production component to be delivered under the AGS program. It is one of a total of four magazines that will be built under a Navy contract to produce four AGS weapon systems for the Navy’s first two Zumwalt class destroyers.


Technology Description


AGS is a long-range precision gun system designed to meet Navy surface fire support requirements. The 155-mm AGS magazine gives the AGS a fully automated ammunition handling system that eliminates the need for Sailors to handle the ammunition – a first for U.S. Navy large caliber gun systems. The magazine acts like an automated logistics center below deck by organizing and processing up to 38 pallets that each weigh 6,000-pounds and hold eight 230-pound, precision-guided Long-Range Land Attack Projectiles (LRLAP) and eight propelling charges. These LRLAPs can be fed into the AGS at rates of up to 10 rounds per minute to provide unmatched, sustained long-range precision fire support to Navy and Marine expeditionary forces.


Quick Facts


This first 155-mm AGS magazine completed Factory Acceptance Tests in Cordova, Ala., in March, demonstrating that all operations of the magazine functioned as designed. It was shipped from Cordova last month and arrived in Bath, Maine May 10. It will be installed on the USS Zumwalt – the lead DDG 1000 ship – and later integrated with the first production AGS gun mount, which is currently undergoing testing in Minneapolis.


The largest fully automated magazine in the world, each AGS magazine is approximately 45 feet long, 30 feet wide, two stories tall and weighs 160 metric tons.


The advanced automation and massive capacity from these magazines give DDG 1000, with two AGSs each, the ability to fire LRLAP at ranges of more than 60 nautical miles. This represents the longest guided flight range for any large caliber gun system in the world.


The AGS can deliver munitions on target anywhere within minutes of a call for fire. In addition to Cordova and Minneapolis, AGS production work is being done in Louisville, Ky.


Jim Schoppenhorst, vice president and general manager of Armament Systems for BAE Systems, said: "The successful factory testing and delivery of this first major production component for AGS, coupled with our ongoing successes with the 155-mm LRLAP program, demonstrates that this highly advanced system is a real, proven option for meeting unmet naval surface fire support requirements. The delivery of this magazine is another example of BAE Systems’ commitment to providing our Navy customers with the fire support capability that best meets the needs of our Sailors and Marines."


BAE Systems is a global defense, security and aerospace company with approximately 107,000 employees worldwide. The Company delivers a full range of products and services for air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, information technology solutions and customer support services. In 2009 BAE Systems reported sales of £22.4 billion (US$ 36.2 billion).

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