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Defect: Missile launches inside minimum range.


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Defect Name: Missile launches inside minimum range.

Build: HCE 2009.001

Repeatable: Yes

Operating System: Vista SP1

DB used: HCDB_080712

Scenario used: User scenario and saved game "Submiss2"

Long Description: Red is able to launch missiles against a target within mininum launch range.


Steps to reproduce:

1) Load and run saved game "Submiss2" in EC2003 GIUK.

2) Have the Red bombers Attack surfaced submarine AAU. The Weapons Allocated line allots one AS-4 to the target even though Unit Weapons Loaded line reads "Inside Min Range". The missile can be deallocated, but more cannot be allocated.

3) The missile can actually then be launched against the target as a Bearing Only Launch. (Answer Yes then No to the ASA's next two questions.)

Expected Behavior: Weapons Allocation Screen should not even offer to allocate a weapon when inside minimum launch range, much less fire it.

Observed Behavior: Weapons Allocation Screen allocates a weapon when inside minimum launch range, then allows its launch.


Child of: http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?showtopic=2502


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I can confirm this happening in the non-beta version as well, I don't think I have a save anymore, but corsairs (may have been intruders) with walleye and harriers with maverick had auto allocated missiles to land targets (tank/sam/radar platoons) despite being inside range.

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