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National Museum of the USAF 2023


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My family will be in Ohio March 19-22.  The main event is visiting the National Museum of the USAF the 20th and 21st.  Can I count on you to meet up either of those days (or night of the 19th or morning of 22nd)?  If we manage to get any kind of a crowd, I'll see about renting a spot to hang out and get our gaming on.  Thanks for considering! 



The museum is an amazing place.  I've been twice and have zero qualms about going again despite my favorite aircraft being a Navy bird and as such, not present.

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We snuck in a visit to the MAP Air Museum (https://mapsairmuseum.org/) after flying into Columbus.  We didn't have enough time to do the outside planes justice but I needed the boys to see a real F-14 (B model in this case).  The Prowler was a welcome surprise, no ALQ-99 pods but begars can't be choosers.  We had a great tour guide show us around inside, using up almost every minute until the museum closed for the day.  Thanks Bill!  Yes, the boys were able to traverse and elevate the AA gun just like my dad did when we visited over a decade ago. 


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