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AAR Bullies Bumping Bellies

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AAR Bullies Bumping Bellies


I was browsing the Harpgamer download scenarios and this scenario from Rainman caught my eye, it turned out to be one of the most challenging scenarios I've played for a significant time.

Many thanks to Rainman for sharing this with us.


Bullies Bumping Bellies- Turkey vs Egypt 2020

In  the summer of 2020, the situation in eastern Libya deteriorates to the point where Egypt and Turkey feel they have to get involved. This explores what happens next. This scenario is designed primarily to be played from the Blue (Egypt) side, and is quite challenging, even for experienced players. Also can be played from Red (Turkey) quite good for beginning or intermediate players.




A quick look at the battle map, reading the orders and consideration of the intelligence report:

On the simple side we only needed to seek out and stop a transport surface group.

Complicating the problem, we believe we will have inferior air to air presence, the amount of ocean to search is significant and two SA-21 installations cover a significant part of it.

Running thru our surface groups and solo sub groups we set them to conservative speeds fearing possible submarine presence. Our stealthiest NOE capable interceptors took off to form a picket line at very low altitude hoping to form surprise attacks on in coming enemy interceptors. With plenty of unmanned reconnaissance aircraft on hand we used these in the more dangerous areas to commence our search, backed them with a roaming EW patrol (on standby for when needed) well within our picket and a few of our longer A2A range interceptors mixed in.

There was a know SCUD danger and so our concentrated air bases were picketed with more interceptors and search patrols were sent out to try and locate SCUD sites.

Finally the already ARM armed planes were sent off against the SA-21 installation adjacent our borders and covering a significant part of sea space we wanted to search and one of our own bases.

It was not long before we detected our first wave of interceptors and their AIM 120s, easily outclassing our old sparrows and mica, but our far out pickets skimming the deck in wait took their share of kills and on occasion our F16s toting sparrow pursued AIM120n exhausted enemy and reducing their numbers further. But our losses were significant and the SCUD did start coming in, with a few getting thru and causing minor damage to one air base.

The enemy were first to get an upper hand and we had to concede they had a minor victory over us, but the plan was for the long term and did seem to be holding, so we pushed on. Our objective transport group was detected and with less enemy fighter numbers and with EW assistance we commenced waves of ARM and harpoon attacks initially by our air groups then as our surface groups could be brought to bare from surface as well.

After still quite intense action we significantly slowed and damaged our target with one escort sunk and and gained our minimum victory. But we needed a complete stop to their progress to gain a battle win and continued the attacks.

Finally we got the win.


[Initial Start]
Actual Date=19/07/2022 13:50:37
(Report Generator=AARdata.dll, downloaded from Harpgamer Forum)
Scenario=C:\Matrix Games\HUCE\addons\medc\2003\BBB.sco

[Session Summary]
Session Start=21 Oct 2020, 20:00:00
GameTimeDuration ThisSession=1Hrs19 Mins
Session End RealTime=19/07/2022 16:28:39
RealTimeDuration ThisSession=2:38:01
==== =====
Session Start=21 Oct 2020, 21:19:42
GameTimeDuration ThisSession=0Hrs46 Mins
Session End RealTime=19/07/2022 21:25:46
RealTimeDuration ThisSession=0:59:28
==== =====
Session Start=21 Oct 2020, 22:06:07
GameTimeDuration ThisSession=0Hrs23 Mins
Session End RealTime=20/07/2022 11:16:21
RealTimeDuration ThisSession=0:41:56
==== =====
Session Start=21 Oct 2020, 22:29:17
GameTimeDuration ThisSession=0Hrs38 Mins
Session End RealTime=20/07/2022 16:49:23
RealTimeDuration ThisSession=1:01:31
==== =====
Session Start=21 Oct 2020, 23:07:22
GameTimeDuration ThisSession=1Hrs7 Mins
Session End RealTime=20/07/2022 18:27:56
RealTimeDuration ThisSession=1:09:49
==== =====
Session Start=22 Oct 2020, 00:14:56
GameTimeDuration ThisSession=0Hrs46 Mins
Session End RealTime=20/07/2022 21:48:33
RealTimeDuration ThisSession=1:11:26
==== =====
Session Start=22 Oct 2020, 01:01:55
GameTimeDuration ThisSession=1Hrs38 Mins
Session End RealTime=21/07/2022 15:31:23
RealTimeDuration ThisSession=2:03:57
==== =====
Session Start=22 Oct 2020, 02:40:47
GameTimeDuration ThisSession=1Hrs7 Mins
Session End RealTime=21/07/2022 17:58:05
RealTimeDuration ThisSession=1:05:23
==== =====

Event=22 Oct 2020, 03:48:02  The BLUE side has met their total victory conditions

[Kill Detail Blue Side ]
MiG-29SMT Fulcrum 09/Plane=8
F-16C Blk32 86/Plane=19
F-16CG Falcon 02/Plane=8
Beech 1900C/Plane=2
AH-64D Apache 05/Helicopter=10
Ka-52K Hokum B 16/Helicopter=1
Rafale C F3R 17/Plane=1
Rafale B F3R 17/Plane=1
Wing Loong I 13/Plane=3
Ambassador Mk III/Ship=1
Mirage 5SDE 80/Plane=5
Mirage 5SDR 80/Plane=1
SH-2G(E) Seasprite 98/Helicopter=2
Mubarak (FFG7/97)/Ship=1
MiG-21MF Fishbed J 81/Plane=3

[Kill Summary Blue Side ]

[Kill Detail Red Side ]
ZSU-23-4M Shilka Ptn/AD Mobile=1
T-72 MBT Platoon/Armoured=2
Fajr-5 TEL/Armoured=2
F-16CJ50 Falcon 14/Plane=12
E-737 Peace Eagle/Plane=1
F-16CM50 Falcon 15/Plane=6
F-16CM40 Falcon 15/Plane=14
Mi-35 Hind E 84/Helicopter=4
F-4E Terminator 15/Plane=14
SAM SA-20b Bty/AD Mobile=1
SAM SA-21a Btn/AD Mobile=1
Heron 08/Plane=3
Mirage F1ED 80/Plane=1
Su-22M3K Fitter J 81/Plane=3
AB.212ASW 87/Helicopter=5
S-70A28 Black Hawk/Helicopter=3
S-70B28 Seahawk 12/Helicopter=2
AH-1W Super Cobra 06/Helicopter=4
Gediz (FFG7/11)/Ship=1
SS-1d Scud C Bty/Armoured=2
Combattante IIG/Ship=2
Barbaros (IIB/10)/Ship=2
MiG-21MF Fishbed J 80/Plane=2
Gemlik (FFG/07)/Ship=1

[Kill Summary Red Side ]
AD mobile:=3



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