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Platform Editor Import & Export error July 2022

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Regrettably a Microsoft update has broken scripting functionality that the PE uses to import and export databases.  

DoCmd.TransferText acImportDelim/acExportDelim

Is the command in question when using named Import and Export specifiers.  This is not unique to the PE but it is a rarely used feature of Microsoft Access.  It is unclear if or when Microsoft will remedy the issue via an update.  

There are alternatives but I won't be able to crank one out all that quickly as this functionality was an efficient way to remap field names for the .csv files you find in the commondb\res\ folder.  To work around the problem, that mapping all has to be recreated in some other fashion which means mapping fields for roughly 40 files (20 imports, 20 exports), some of which have many fields.  More to come when I'm next able to work the problem.

Thanks to eeustice for reporting the issue.

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Testing uninstall of Windows KB5015807.  No difference, problem remains. 

High confidence that the July 12th Office updates are at the root of this issue.  Version 2206 (Build 15330.20246)

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The next PE build replaces the export specifications, allowing exports to work. I'm slowly cranking away on the first import one.  Imports will take a lot longer to re-code than the exports did.

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