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Memory Allocation Failure

Rescue 193

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When playing the user scenario EC Tom1_1.scn, in EC2003 Battle for the Atlantic Ocean running Build 2021.006 in Win 10 (via Parallels on a Mac - its complicate but things usually work just fine!) the game crashed without warning and produced the following message:




At the time of the crash my machine had roughly 1.24 GB of memory available  

The having re-opened Harpoon the "saved game" would not reload and produced the following message:





Is this just a "thing" or can the "saved game" be rescued (because, damn it, I was winning!)?  

Any and all suggestions, help, advice, guidance welcomed. 





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Sorry I can't help you with your issue. TonyE is in the middle of moving.

Please post a saved game file with your issue report.

Hopefully TonyE will be able to figure out why it crashed.

If possible can you tell us the game time in the scenario so we have an idea od=f when the crash happened. We will try and see if we can duplicate the crash.

Under the Downloads section in the  Harpoon Classic/HC/HCE/HUCE section if you go to Tools/Mods/Docs there is a utility called Tool Box.

With the Tool Box you will be able to save your game automatically up to 100 times before you overwrite you're saved game file.

If you have a crash you will be able to go back and play from the last saved game.

You can save every game second if needed when trying to duplicate a crash. I usually save my game every 60 seconds of game play time.

If you need help setting up the Tool Box please let me know.

Below is a screen shot of how my HC Launcher is set up.

Having the saved game file just before a crash makes it easier for TonyE to see what causes the crash.

I have included a screen shot of how I have the Launcher configured.

Good Luck and Happy Harpooning!




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Many thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately,  I don't recall the how far into the game I was when it went TU - maybe about 3 or 4 hours but that's just a guesstimate.

The utility you mention, and show as a screen shot, looks jolly interesting and sounds very useful. However, the only reference to "Tool Box" that I can see Downloads section in the  Harpoon Classic/HC/HCE/HUCE Tools/Mods/Docs section is Donaldseadog's excellent DLL utility called Tool Box, but I don't think that's the one you mean (is it?). However, I have found a file by TonyE called "HC Launcher 2017.001". Anyhow, I've downloaded the beast and flashed it up and it appears to match the image you've shown in your message, so I think I'm in the right place. 

As I mentioned in my original message I live in the world of Apple and most (virtually all) of the mysterious "Windows  C\:*" stuff scares the willies out of me but everything operates as advertised when using Parallels. All of which is a roundabout way of saying, if I run into the sand I shall certainly impose upon your generous offer of help with the set-up.





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You found the right file.

I'm glad everything worked.

I sent an email to TonyE asking if the ToolBox works on a Mac. I haven't heard from him so I figured it did.

I really wanted to point you to the HC Launcher the TonyE created.

Here is the link to the HC Launcher where you can set up to save your game automatically.

TonyE is in the process of updating the HC Launcher.

I have been using the HC Launcher for years.

Happy Harpooning!


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"Parallels" enables me run Windows 10, in a window as it were, on the Mac OS, so TonyE's Launcher works absolutely perfectly - it doesn't know its running on a Mac. That's the way I run Harpoon too, I use the Windows (although I still think of it as Dos) not the Mac version of the game.  

I hope TonyE doesn't faint at the thought of having to produce a Mac version of the launcher!

Now, as to the Launcher itself, I think I can make reasonable guesses to what the various Command Line check boxes are for (which is not the same as knowing what they actually do of course) but I can see the "-S Iterative Saving" line is the one I need to tweak to sort out the business of saving the game so that I can look back to the moment just before a crash and I've copied your recommendation in the settings.

I assume the Logging Options panel does what it says but I suspect that it produces lines of code that would be meaningless to me but if you you could suggest which boxes to tick to that in the event of another crash I'd have the right log to show what happened that would be good. 

A couple of things do intrigue me "-x Disable sub AI" is one the other being "-e Enable old eff115 (emcon_ai).   What are they all about?




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I'm really not sure what Disable Sub Ai and means.

If I remember correctly the Enable old eff115 (emcon_ai) goes back a few years. I know one time I accidentally checked it and Tony asked me why I checked it. I unchecked it!

TonyE will have to chime in on that one.

The Logging option adds more messages into the GE log which is a tool that Tony can use as a clue to a crash. The more logging you do the slower the game will run.

If you have a crash that repeat's it self, it makes it nice to set saving the game every game second. This way you can post a saved game just before the crash for Tony.

If you need any help setting anything up please let me know.

Happy Hunting!


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Concur, the iterative saving is the best tool.  Then if your most recent save is bad, if you go back an additional save/game second chances are great you can load it.  Sometimes the last save it bad as part of whatever bug you hit.  I'll do a bit of a write-up on old eff115 last this weekend.  You don't need to do additional logging until problems are more narrowed down.  The additional logging is more of an on-demand thing, Y:"Hey Tony, why are my tankers always empty?"  M:"Run through it again with the refuel logging turned on and send me the ge.log file."  The logs make some sense the more you read them.  The refuel once for instance will give you information I think you'd understand without any assistance.

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Welcome back.

About half-a-dozen messages from you came pinging in on my phone at round about 0300hrs the other night - my wife thought it was an alien invasion!

Anyhow, I've been through the offending game 3 or four times since the original error occurred (I'd save the name under a different name at some point, so I was only a game-time hour or so away from the glitch) but it never happened again. I reckon I'll have to put it down to random twitch in my set-up.

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Here is a bit about eff115 from the ReleaseNotes.txt

HCE - 2009.027
- Chg:B106 GE  Implementing a new eff115 (Autonomous Sensor Intelligence) that
                determines when the AI should turn on active sensors and when
                to prompt the player to do the same.  Added a new log type
                option to the command line for this, emcon_ai . Also added
                a new command line option to switch back to a fixed version
                of the old eff115 that will properly notice if a group's
                radars are already on.  The option is -e
                i.e. c:\games\HCE\Winharp32.exe -e
                 would revert to the fixed old eff115 that is much more apt
                 to turn on radars than the new code.
                (thanks Lots of People)


With the old eff115 the game took the stance that it is better to radiate than get zapped by an unseen foe.  The re-write tempered that approach to use additional logic to only start radiating when it seemed likely the foe could detect your unit.  The logging of the new eff115 is comprehensive and might be interesting for you to examine.  It is the emcon_ai logging flag.

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