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Howdy folks!  jeffteacher23 here.  I read RSR way back when and stumbled onto Harpoon v3 paper game about 1989 or so.  I really like to run/referee a game between different players,  As soon as v5 drops I plan on getting a copy and learning it.  Then I'll need some players.  I'm in Mainland China just north of HK, so it will probably be slow going until action is joined, then it will have to be on a weekend for the resolution via zoom and email for privileged communications.  Any interest?  I hope so!



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Welcome Jeff!  I'm up for observing but can't commit to play or umpire at this life stage.  I think you'll find with some of the tools around here and the rest of the Internet, you may be able to play by e-mail as it were.

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