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Thanks to the help of the Matrix/Slitherine Help Desk I managed to retrieve my account thingummy and reloaded my Harpoon ( "Larry Bond's HARPOON Ultimate Edition Build 2015.027"). So after a long hiatus I am, as they say, back in the in the game.

However, I have one general questions and a couple about air-to-air refuelling that I'm hoping that somebody kind and knowledgable soul can answer for me.

First, and most obvious, are there any updates, patches or what-have-you that I should add to my present version of the game and, if so, where might I find them? I have an update of sorts named HC2017.011GESEDBDUBSBB.exe which, I seem to recall, worked fine back in the day. But, when I re-installed it this time it killed the game and advised me that it was an expired beta and that I should refer to AGSI for later versions, so that was a bit of a dead end.

Second, air -to-air refuelling, doesn't appear to work quite as I recall it used to. The tanker a/c in a serial replenishes its receiving a/c as it should (when the receiving a/c are at 20% or thereabouts or when refuelling is forced) and the 'report window' message tells me that refuelling is taking place. However, when the evolution is complete (and the tanker is dry) the 'report window' continues to indicate that refuelling continues. Its possible to check that refuelling is complete in the 'unit window' by clicking on the tanker in the serial and getting the message 'No More Refuels' but it is a bit fiddly especially when things are busy. Even after the tanker is split from the serial to RTB the 'report window' for the now tanker-less serial continues to indicate refuelling is in progress. It is possible to 'clear' the errant message by, say, directing the serial to land and then immediately returning it to its original mission (but simply altering course, speed or altitude doesn't). I'm pretty sure it didn't used to work like this (and I seem to think the defunct HC2017.011 patch fixed it) but I might be wrong.

Finally, in the various Harpoon Designer's Series scenarios air-to-air refuelling wasn't an option although, when the capability was introduce it was introduced in updates to the game (with the EC2000 scenarios as I recall) it was added to the original suite of Harpoon scenarios but it never made it to the HDS series. So, my question is is there some sort of database update (or other fix?) that adds an air-to-air refuelling capability to the HDS scenarios?

Many thanks for any help you can provide.



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Welcome back.  You can grab the current build at https://harpgamer.com/harpforum/topic/29035-current-files/ which doesn't expire for a few years.  You can install 2018.002 then 2020.003 right over the top of your 2017.011. 

There has been no effort to backport air to air refueling loadouts to any BattleSets that didn't originally have air-to-air refueling.  


In 2015 we added the ability for tankers to offload fuel multiple times per sorties where previously it was one refuel attempt and the tanker was considered empty.  If you are seeing troubles in the current build with refueling, I'd like to work with you to track them down.  Snippets from 2015.008 release notes:

- Chg:0000 GE A tanker can now conduct multiple refueling operations during

a single flight. It will be prompted to split from the

recipient group when there is less than 10% of the original

fuel left to offload.

- Chg:0000 GE Added "REFUELING" status to the Report window to go along

with the existing "W/REFUEL" and "NO REFUEL" statuses.


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Many thanks for the information about tanking - now I know what to look for I can see what's happening - and I'm getting used to it!

I have, as you suggested, installed the 2018.002 and then the 2020.003 patches over the 2017.011 but clearly I've done something wrong.

When I ran 2018.002 version (before I installed 2020.003) and before I'd actually done anything the Message Log went berserk , pumping out a torrent of (screenshot attached)  what I think might be group reports which look like they have (or had) something to do with with the beta testing. Anyhow, the rate at which they were streaming into the log slowed the game down to a halting nonsense. I guess that there's probably a way of switching off these reports but I don't know what it is.



Installing the 2020.003 patch did (thankfully) cure the Message Log diarrhoea problem but it threw up another glitch concerning the group Formation Editor.  I do recall that some additional 'rings' had been added way back when but the real problem is that, as I hope you can see from the screen shot, the control box lacks any of the buttons to set the range circles, allocate assets etc. Is there something I'm missing or have failed to do in the set up tp cause this?



For the moment I'm content to chug along using the 2015.27 version of the game but if there is any advice you (or any other Harpoon Sage) can give me as to how I can make 2020.003 work properly it would be much appreciated.


Finally, as long as I'm being an annoying pain in the a**e, cold you point me in the right direction to find the latest 'general purpose' database that fits the standard set of scenarios that come with the game.?


Thanks again for all your help.

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Window sizes (formation editor dialong issues...), do https://harpgamer.com/harpforum/files/file/228-hce-clear-game-options-registry-settings/with the game closed.  The next time you run the game after that, the dialogs will default to a reasonable size.  I resized some of the windows to show more information but didn't tell the game to forget the previous sizes, leading to this issue.  In theory, I have it fixed for 2020.004.  In any event, that game options reset is a good tool to have handy.  It comes into play when you switch screen zoom levels (aka DPI settings) as well.

2018.002 already came packaged to you with the latest general purpose database that works with the built-in scenarios so you should be good there.
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Thank you so much, it worked like a charm... erm... that is to say... it worked like clever a bit of software is meant to work (but we all know its magic dust really!).

I shall now endeavour to leave you in peace for the rest of the lockdown, not that I can actually promise to do that of course.


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