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Problems with the latest beta version


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I'd like to purchase the ultimate edition from the Matrix Games website and I have downloaded the latest beta HCEDemo-2016.003 from this forum to be sure that it will work with my Windows 10 laptop.

I've run without problems the USNI Convoy scenario #6.0, but I can't run number #8.0 "Return engagement" as I've found these problems so far:

- when clicking on any Airfield in the Order of battle screen the game crashes

- sometime it's not possible to change the loadout of any plane in the Ready air (F5) form, it shows the modified layout but it doesn't save it after clicking on the Ok button. This happens only rarely

- I've tried to install the beta on a fresh virtual XP machine, but it doesn't start saying the clock has been changed

Could someone please let me know if these are known bugs already fixed in the current HUCE release ?




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The OOB doesn't crash in 2017.011 but unfortunately I'm the only one with 2017.011 at the moment. It should be out in beta form by the end of September but I'm hoping to have it out by the end of August.


The version you get from Matrix Games is 2015.027 and the new USNI BattleSet Return Engagement Red does crash when clicking on an airfield in the OOB.


That all said, there are a mountain of scenarios and I don't think you'll have many crashes with either 2015.027 or 2016.003.


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Thanks Tony, Is there a known bugs list somewhere ? I'm also experiencing some other issue and would like to check if they have already been reported.


See the Issue Tracker section of the website and the HC Beta Testing sub forum, and more particularly, the Defect Tracking sub forum.

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Thanks Brad, linkage here:


Issue Tracker http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?/tracker/project-2-hce/Note that this needs to go away when we upgrade the forum software (long overdue!).


Defect Tracking http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?/forum/46-defect-tracking/Older than the Issue Tracker, it is possible we've fixed some items here that are not marked as fixed.


Wish Lists http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?/forum/35-wish-lists/I encourage everyone to make a wishlist post, one post per person with all of your wishes in one post. You can get a feel for things that don't work or aren't fleshed out from this forum.


Release Notes http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?/topic/2395-hce-release-notes/This won't tell you much about what is broken but it will tell you what we think we've fixed or improved upon.

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