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PLAN Strikes Back!

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In response to the Brahmos attack on one of their Type-956EM, PLAN has begun "planning" a retaliatory strike on an Indian Navy vessel, from a secret air base in the country formerly known as Burma.


4x JH-7A's, each with 4x YJ-82K (C802K), 2x PL-5, and a 720 liter drop tank, will launch and travel 300nm to strike the Indian SAG. At 200nm, the raid will drop to at least Low Altitude.


Definitiely more to follow. B)

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Definitiely more to follow. B)




The 4x JH-7A Flounders were ordered to strike at a distance of 325nm away after the Indian SAG (Delhi DDG, Rajput DDG, and Brahmaputra FF) was detected by a PLAN maritime patrol aircraft.


The Flounders were a LOAD2 with 4x YJ-82K (C802K) and one 790 liter drop tank each. This gave the strikers an endurance of 1615nm.


The strikers took off from their airfield once they reach cruise speed, the continued to climb to high altitude of 7501m, before quickly beginning their descent. As it played out they probably should not have attempted to get to high altitude since there was not enough time to get back below the RLOS before all four aircraft being detected at a range of just over 90nm.


The four attacking Flounders each launched two salvoes of 2 YJ-82K’s in successive tactical turns, 0636 and 0639. At their EP’s Raid1 rolls 1 missile at Delhi, 5 at Rajput. Raid2 rolls 3 at Delhi, 3 at Rajput, and 2 at Brahmaputra.


The Indian SAG detects 6 of the 8 incoming Vampires of Raid1.


INS Delhi was the first to launch one SA-N-7a Gadfly from each of its launchers in the 2nd fire phase of 0639. At this point Raid1 was 7.25nm and Raid2 12.25nm away.


0639.5: After 1st Move, R1 now 4.75nm, R29.75nm and the 2x Sa-N-7a’s intercept Raid1 with 2 hits.


First Fire, the Indians launch two more Gadflys, 4x Baraks, and 2x SA-N-1a Goa’s.


They detected five more incoming missiles, one from raid one and four from the second raid.


In the Second Move Phase, Raid1 is at 2.25, Raid2 is 7.25. The two Gadfly’s and four Baraks intercepted Raid2, while the Goa’s intercepted Raid1.


2nd Fire Phase, 2x Gadfly, 2x Goa, and 8 (4 and 4) Barak are launched from Delhi, Rajput, and Delhi/Brahmaputra.


Resolving the intercepting Gadflys and Goas, they each scored one hit, while the Baraks took down two. Raid1 is now three missiles, and Raid2 is now seven.


In 0640.0 1st Movement Phase, the three remaining missiles of Raid1 reach Rajput. In the 1st Air Attack Resolution, the AK-230 30mm CIWS destroyed one of the incoming missiles, the AK-726 76mm was an automatic miss due to not be SSC and the VSmall RCS of the YJ-82k’s. In resolving the missile strikes, one YJ struck the Rajput, while the other was seduced by the countermeasures and missed. 33DP were inflicted on Rajput causing critical hits to its forward Volna SAM Launcher, one of its Volga [Don Kay] SS and MR-500 Kliver Big Net] AS radars, and flooding (rolled as “severe flooding”).


2 Gadflys account for one more missile of Raid2, while the 8 Baraks take down 4 Raid2 missiles.


During the 0640.0 1st Fire Phase, 2x Gadflys and the last 4 Baraks are launched. Raid2 is now down to 1 YJ-82K whose seeker has acquired Delhi.


The final 2 Gadfly’s miss, the final four Baraks all miss as well. The Delhi’s AK-630 30mm CIWS fires at 60% -15% for the VSmall RCS and misses.


The final YJ was then seduced into the sea by the 2nd Generation J&D of Delhi.


In the end, it was INS Rajput, the launcher of the BrahMos missiles that struck the PLAN Type-956EM, that was in turn struck by a single YJ-82K. Rajput was down its forward SAM launcher, most of its radar suite, and suffered severe flooding. It was last seen beginning to list and struggling to move.


After some study of this situation, the lack of an area air defense ship among the Delhi, Rajput destroyers and the Brahamutra FF would become problematic. Even though the attackers were all detected early, the Indian radar personnel could only watch the attackers close with them and released their missiles, before any of the Indian ships could engage, and then only the arrow, not the archers.

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Well done, and interesting vengeance of the die rolls there. Thanks Pete


Yep, I chuckled as they actually rolled that way. It is worse than written there cause while it was 1x locked onto Delhi, it was 7 locked onto Rajput. Raid two was more of a equal opportunity strike with 3-3-2 for the DDG-DDG-FF. :D

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Received feedback that the Barak SAM's director can only guide on one target at a time (per ship of course as all three had Barak systems), so things may not have ended so rosey for the Indian ships - INS Rajput excluded. :D


I also noticed as I played through this engagement, the Barak only had 8 missiles per mount :huh: and only a 50% pH versus these incoming missiles, which was lower than both the Gadfly and Goa. I suppose their strength lies in their abilities at close range. I was definitely surprised about the basically no re-load of the eight cell Barak mount.


Another clarification was that SAM minimum range is "adjudicated" as per the range when the SAM is fired, not when it interecepts. I'll need to read that myself in order to feel completely on board with that.




I have completed data forms for the Indian MiG-29K, Chinese J-10, and their assorted R-73, R-77, PL-8, PL-11, and PL-12 AAM's. Expect some air battle results over the next few days.

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More commentary from Yahoo AT.


Three second rule effecting CIWS hitting ASM's. Will have to check, I do believe that it would have applied here.


Automatic Detection of Raids 1 and 2 due to all three Indian surface combatants radiating. This may have assisted, but I am of the uneducated opinion that it probably would not alter the end results in this engagement.

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