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Red Sky at Morning (SimCan) Reminds me of Harpoon


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Hi All,


So I have been getting into old computers lately as a hobby, and one of the things which is interesting to me is that many early games were playable for me under, say, MS DOS, whereas newer games often aren't.

The one I'm thinking of this evening is called Red Sky at Morning, by Simulations Canada. It reminds me quite a bit of Harpoon in naval focus, if not scope—it's much more grand strategy than tactics. 99% of the game is perfectly accessible, though complex. I'm still unsure what some of the options are for, or how they interact.

Has anybody played this game? I seem to remember reading something about Simcan still existing somewhere, I'd love to get in touch and see what other games might be playable for me.

If anybody has played RSM, I'd appreciate tips. I find keeping track of the various theaters of operation kind of overwhelming, not to mention planning anything in detail.

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