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BS Builder documentation


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If someone wants to create the wiki pages for the BS Builder instructions, now would be a good time.


Suggested page title - http://www.computerharpoon.com/wiki/main/i...e=HCCE:BB_Guide


A prior thread: http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?s...c=2065&st=0


Known limitations (2008.020):

  • Entire world map is not possible, but you can come close
  • Extreme latitudes leads to extreme distortion
  • A BattleSet cannot encompass the 'long way' around the world. An example would be a BattleSet from the West coast of Iceland to the East coast of Iceland, via North America (i.e. Iceland would not be part of that map, if it were possible in the BS Builder).
  • Weather groups map not appear in the BS, the starting locations are hard coded and not yet editable.
  • SOSUS may not work in the BS, the starting locations are hard coded and not yet editable.
  • The .HCBS files store absolute paths to the scenarios which may lead to the scenarios not being included in the BattleSet if the .HCBS file is loaded and the scenarios aren't in those same paths.
  • BattleSet cannot cross 180 deg longitude, same limitation as going 'long way' around the world, except backwards

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