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Defect Name: Wrong speed


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Defect Name: Wrong speed

Build: HCE 2007.000

Repeatable: Y

Operating System: XP

DB used: HCDB-070524

Scenario used: Saved game: Wrong speed

Long Description: Aircraft at max altitude is going faster than the allowable speed setting


Sequence to reproduce:

1. A/c at VHigh altitude is flying at 570kts.

2. Hit F2 to set speed and max allowed is 560kts.


Expected behaviour: Plane should not fly faster than allowable speed setting

Observed behaviour: Plane flies faster than allowable speed setting


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I can not confirm this behavior in GE_028. While I found in this scenario an other repeatable behavior:


1. Select the AC ZMA

2. Press F2 to get the "Set Altitude and Speed" menu

3. Select the speed Cruise & Altitude VHigh

4. Press OK to confirm

5. Press F2 to get the "Set Altitude and Speed" menu

6. Enter manually the speed 570 kts

7. Press OK to confirm


Expected behavior: Plane should change the speed to Military @ 570 kts and VHigh or stay @ Cruise 560 kts VHigh

Observed behavior: Plane dump to Cruise 560 kts @ Medium

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Issue has not been resolved in Patch 2008.024.


Plane still flies faster than maximum speed. This behaviour can be replicated by:


1) Divide all planes from ZIa into a new group.

2) Order new course for group

3) Order new speed for new group

4) Speed of 650kts will appear for VHigh altitude

5) Hit okay and new speed will be 650kts when it should only be 560kts

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HCE - 2008.068


- Chg:0000 GE The aircraft speed/altitude dialog works as designed again. It

will show the proper speed for the altitude and speed selected.

If you manually enter a speed outside of the range of the band

or aircraft capability, the aircraft will go to an altitude

band and speed less than or equal to the manually entered

speed. (thanks Herman)


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