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Wish List Guidelines


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Desired layout of the forum:


We would like to see one thread per user, include all of your wishlist items in that thread. Ideally keep a master accounting of your wishes in the first post of the thread.


Feel free to reply to the threads of others, please try not to criticize any requests, these are wish lists after all and with enough code and time, anything is possible. If you agree with someone else's wish(es), also add them to your own thread.



How we'll use the wish lists:


HC development is not a democracy but the wishes of many are still going to overrule the wishes of a few in most cases. The wishlists allow us to note interest in certain areas and adjust our priorities as needed.


At times we may add notes to your posts with reference to Mantis entry IDs (so you know action is being taken) or otherwise mark them as acknowledged and in the pipeline for attention.


Everyone needs input, this is a great way to dream about Harpoon!



Miscellaneous notes:


There have been many wishlists over the years, this is in part an attempt to create a more permanent, centralized record. To that end if you find old wishlists not from yourself please send them to me via e-mail and we'll see about posting them up with the proper credits.


Use graphics, text, whatever gets the point across.


This forum is not for bug reports, use the Bug Tracker for that. In many cases the line between bugs and wishes is non-existent, use your better judgement and try not to take offense if we ask to move certain posts elsewhere.

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