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New to the Forum - Looking for PBEM aids


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Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and am wondering what aids there are for playing Harpoon/CaS/FG&DN by email. Back in the old days, I had programmed using Quick BASIC a game assist program to keep track of various platforms. It did quite a bit, allowing the game moderator to input the orders from the players and then generate search result reports for the players. It kept track of location, heading, speed, depth or altitude, sensor status, damage and also tracked the turns when missiles or torpedoes would strike.


Sadly, I am no longer in possession of the program diskettes nor the energy or brain power to recreate it. Surely something similar could be done using Excel or some other program.


Does anyone use anything like this?

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See http://stratsims.com/CIC_MP01.php


It was the first of a series of planned mini projects to get us to a full game. To that end it is extremely limited but it can help simplify unit movement.


I would certainly be interested in hearing your ideas, we just last month started work on a new map interface and play aids still seem like good interim steps towards a full game.


There are other play aids out there, Vassal kind of being the grand-daddy.

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