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Interested in a Harpoon CPX ?


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Hi folks,


For some time now, HarpGamer has been toying with the idea of running a CPX wargame on our IRC channel using Harpoon Classic Gold as the engine. This is how it would work (at least, roughly):


Essentially, we would assemble two teams of players. These teams will then choose their order of battle (ships, subs, planes, etc) from a list of available options, and describe how they want them deployed in the theater.


A Harpoon Classic Gold scenario would then be constructed using the options and the deployments chosen by the teams.


Then, at a convenient time or time(s), we run the scenario as a CPX wargame in real time on IRC, with the teams giving orders to their forces based on the situation that develops as the scenario unfolds. The umpires will run the scenario based on these orders.


Preparation time/effort on the part of players would be minimized. We want to keep it very simple and manageable; this is NOT on the immersive scale one would expect to see in an MBX. ;)


Initial ideas for a small, manageable scenario include:


(1) freedom of navigation in the Malacca Strait, or the Strait of Hormuz, etc

(2) WMD strike in North Korea, or Iran, etc


Potential players should indicate their interest in this thread. We would decide teams after we know how many participants we might have. Look for a poll in this section which we will use to guage interest.


With a little imagination, we can have a lot of fun with this, and find new ways to enjoy Harpoon. B)

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Count me in, Brad.


I'm also fairly certain about Dewayne, and perhaps even Kelly, if we can coordinate their schedules. Will chat with them soon and request they confirm. Same with Fred, I would think. Is there a particular number of players we need to make this work? At least so many, not more than another amount? Thanks for getting this under way.:D

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OK, it seems we have at least a one vs one match-up, with possibly more, but right now I am going to say our players are Peter Maidhof and Dewayne Harris. Bruce might play too if we get a fourth, but if not, he will be helping with the umpiring side of things.


The scenario will examine "freedom of navigation in the Strait of Gibraltar", and in general terms, will see a US Navy group trying to break out of the Mediterranean while being opposed by an EU force.


Pete and Dewayne, if you want to express a preference for one side or the other, please do. Otherwise, I guess we will toss a coin.


As I hinted earlier, much will turn on what choices you make before the game begins, especially with regard to the Order of Battle (OOB). I have developed the OOB choices and will be ready to send them to you privately as soon as we know who is playing which side.


Lets go to war. :D



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Flip a coin sounds good to me, or since Pete outranks me I guess he should get first choice :)

FLIP IT! Let's get it on!

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