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  1. excellent and thx for the fast response, life just became a bit easier.
  2. Just happened upon my CD box of Harpoon Ultimate Edition and will be exploring it again. One quick question, will the included Scenarios in the Battle Sets function correctly with the updated HCE Database? Or are the updated HCE Databases only usable with Scenarios created with them? Any advice appreciated.
  3. updated from 2009.050 to 2009.097 with the patch from Matrix then when starting up the game was updated over the net to 2015.027 via Matrix, I presume Since 2015.027 was auto-installed directly from 2009.097, what should I do?
  4. Followed the instructions and think I correctly installed HCDB-150928 (1980-2015 era). Not being especially expert I just looked into the Air Platforms within game. Expected to see the F-35 there as it has been declared operational as of the past summer, not there. Also, the 'whatsnew.rft' states: Extensive re-engineering to track platform changes over the years. For instance, many aircraft carriers will have 5 or more variations over their service lives. Looked at the US carriers and see no such variation. What might I have done wrong? UPDATE Just found the added aircraft but it seems the new updates are Battleset specific, ie not in some BS but present in others. How can I know where they appear and might they be moved to a different BS? For example, the F-35 is not present in at least one of the older BS, but what if I wanted a more modern created scenario in the North Atlantic, how might I include more modern platforms into a North Atlantic map?
  5. Actually I believe I had 2015.025 installed before. The original install lacked Wscenedit32 and I got it from somewhere, possibly from here. My current Wscenedit32 was installed by me clicking on update.exe down in the files. My previous not working AccessRuntime was 2013 x64. Not 100% sure what I did right this time, but happy
  6. Given that these seem to be the 'Current Files' and my HUCE is v2015.027 would I be correct in thinking I need only install HC2015.028 SE to be fully uptodate?
  7. OK, approaching this a bit more systematically. 1. Uninstalled HCE 2. Ininstalled HU with all it's sub forms of Harpoon 3. Installed HUCE without all the other variations 4. Update 2009.050 to 2009.097 5. Tried to activate Platform Editor - appeared to have Access open with a notification that read: "Can not open a database created with a previous version of your application" - click OK and everything closes. 6. Having had AccessRuntime 2013 x64 refuse to work, I downloaded AccessRuntime 2007 and it is opening and may be the solution to my problem. Will poke around and see if this is the solution. UPDATE Looks like I'm going to have to relearn what I once know about Access as this seems to be what I needed. Further poking and ran update.exe and am now updated to 2015.27 and suddenly I have Wscenedit.exe and the Scenario Editor now works
  8. Moan, I hope I kept it last time I was 'cleaning' I better have, Ebay starts out at $299.99 0_0
  9. Thx for all the useful info. I ASSUME using AccessRuntime is only a viewer, if I were to want to add something, I'd need something else. What might work, preferable for free? Not a major thing, just might be fun to add a might-have-been thingie. If it matters, I might still have Access 2007 stashed away somewhere. Using AccessRuntime x64: "Can not open a database created with a previous version of your application" Tried running Access and not go there. Might could import into Apache Open Office Base if I could find the db file, searched the HD, no joy. would like to get into the db
  10. I use Open Office Calc, would that be likely to work OK?
  11. Created and installed WSCENEDT32 into HCE, works. Yaaaaa. Back when I was pooning before, back in the days of yore when the most modern USN warship was a 74 gun ship of the line, I found myself confused and overwhelmed by some of the massive scenarios. I found I had more fun with quite simple scenarios where I got to know a bit about a digestible number of platforms. A favorite was the classic FFGs escorting a small convoy dealing with subs and possibly a few Backfires. With this as a base, other goodies can be glued on to play with other ideas and platforms, all without becoming a monster scenario spanning the entire North Atlantic, or wherever. Getting the SE working makes this possible. Norton had a conniption and auto deleted it. I had to go down into the Norton Malware Dungeon and drag it whimpering back into the daylight.
  12. No Joy. Tried WSCENEDT in both HCE and HUCE. There was no WSCENEDT32 file in either.
  13. Useful links and a pita was it keeps flashing
  14. Newbie still fumbling around here So a good approach is to install HUCE and then the HarpGamer updates to that version of Harpoon, as this is the supported version of HCE? Please tell me the updates are cumulative? Is there some sort of app supporting changing databases around or is that just done down in the files and folders yourself? And is there some sort of database viewer? Any advice much appreciated and will save me hours of digging around to rediscover the secret of the wheel.
  15. I actually have both, does it matter which I run? I HUCE better in some way?
  16. Games seems fine, but Scenario Editor doesn't load. UPDATE: seems like there have been update far beyond Matrix. is there any way to use the Scenario Editor with win7 x64? weird the two companion programs got separated.
  17. Actually, that is what I thought i had done, must have done something wrong. Thx
  18. Wanting to poke around with the 1982 Falklands War, I downloaded the scenario Approach. It has .BLz, RDz and SCz files. What the heck to I do to get this to run? Thanks.
  19. So CV32, it would make sense and not harm anything if I were to tweak HCDB by removing the NATO gear from a Red controlled NATO base? Wow, just checked Keflavik RED has 36 x I-HAWK! No wonder it was 'exciting' to raid the place.
  20. While poking around seeking to become more familiar with the platforms I happened to notice something peculiar. The data for sensors of a single ship are different depending on how you view the data. I have HCDB-120621 loaded and I'm looking at the DDG-1000 Zumwalt. If I go (in-game with a one ship self-made scenario or in Scenario Editor): -> Unit Box or Group Box -> Click on the ship -> BLUE Surface Unit AA00 -> Display Button ->Unit Display - Range for the SQS-60 = 3.5 Passive & 7.0 Active or Reports->Platform Display Checking the SQS-60 values in the HCE Platform Editor, the values = 3.5 Passive & 7.0 Active. BUT - >BLUE Surface Unit AA00 ->Full Button->Active Unit Display-Range for the SQS-60= No Number Passive & 9.5 Active Regarding the 'No Number Passive', initially when I noticed it the number by 17, but I have been unable to get that result again, not sure what path I followed to come up with 17. However, the unnumbered bar that represents the Passive Sonar Range in the Active Unit Display looks like about 17, it is definitely greater than the numbered range of 9.5 for the Active Sonar Range. Clearly the range values for the SQS-60 are different depending on how you view them and by a wide margin, 3.5 vs 17 and 7.0 vs 9.5. I have not investigated if this is a peculiarity of just the SQS-60 as I think that unlikely. I find this confusing and would appreciate enlightenment from any of the salty Harpooners here.
  21. Somewhere between now and when the manual was written, the Abbreviations/Names of the Air Missions changed. Any where I could find a translation?
  22. Thanks, it is getting late and I must be missing things. They are just a little down from the Alien Mother Ship, about which I shall not comment - very X-Files. Esp appreciate the translation into specific designations.
  23. Set up Keflavik as a Red Base and added a battery of SA-6s and then ran an attack mission on it. My but I was surprised to lose 30 incoming JASSMs to I-HAWK missiles coming from a Soviet occupied base. I'm guessing I would have to go into the Platform Editor to strip them out, but it does seem odd that a RED base gets to keep and use NATO SAMs.
  24. Thanks for the advice. I just realized that the additional units like SAMs are located under Ships. However, I seem to be missing radar units that could be edited into a Base. Where are they located in the DB?
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