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  1. I did play with new beta. It did took longer to crash and the error message were different. autosave.0049.hp0autosave.0047.hp0autosave.0048.hp0
  2. same result with GIUKUSNI9.0. autosave.0110.hp0 autosave.0109.hp0 autosave.0108.hp0 autosave.0107.hp0 autosave.0106.hp0
  3. The problem is not limited to USNI battleset. I had the same crash twice on the "bee hive" scenario of the battleset HDSA. Reloaded using autosave.0050.hp2 then Crash landing a plane on a carrier both time. I will happy to test.
  4. Hi Tony, the Friday's Zoom session was interesting. Thanks. As you already know I had a similar crash playing the Red side on different Battelset. I did the test again on a different computer with a different security software. This time the security software was ESET Antivirus. same result. JEAN.0059.hp1 JEAN.0060.hp1 JEAN.0057.hp1 JEAN.0058.hp1
  5. I did more tests. You will find more information in the attach files. The detail information of my third try is within the document. HUCE crash with USNI 5.0 build 2020.017.docx
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