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  1. People play boardgames also hope that there wil be more pc wargames which are rebulit from the successful boardgames(like the ASL series). They think this is another way developers could consider to make a successful pc wargame.
  2. Do you mean the Simplot tool in the "Paper Rules (Harpoon 4)" section? My friends have slready applied this excellent tool in their Harpoon4 wargaming. I can report any suggestions to the author asap.
  3. Totally agree. Many friends of mine and me think there are two features which are extremely important in a successful pc wargame: 1) The open rules of the game. Just like the Panzer Campaigns series of HPS, their mannuls provide almost all the formula and rules on moving, firing, artillery support, air support and so on. This feature enables players to play as the same way they played in the boardgames. They told me, with the aid of open rules, they could know which errors are caused by the misunderstand of rules, and which are caused by their limited tactics knowledge. 2) The support of MP mode, no matter pbem or online, just as we discussed above. The real battle is a process of conflict between people and people, not people and machines!(Except the robot war! ) That's why we still here playing ANW! Hoping one day there will be a new naval wargame which satisfies the two points above, and also good in simulation! BTW, is there any player who is trying to seek for an opponent to play ANW with online? Maybe I will get some spare time during the Chinese Spring Festival!
  4. Glad to see your reply! First, I'm sorry for interrupting your topics yesterday. In my opinion to the ANW edition, there are two reasons why I'd like it to be updated: 1) The MP mode! That would be the most wonderful feature, for we can only play the SP scenarios in CE or CMANO.(but there seems to be a tool on baloogancampaign.com, is that true?) You must understand that there are so many boardgame players who are not willing to play the pc wargames, for many wargames lack the function to interact with friends, not to mention the modern naval wargames because there are much less naval wargames than other topics(like the ww2). 2) I remember that you told me the rules of harpoon mostly come from the Harpoon 3, 4, and 5. So, for the people who play the Harpoon4 in our groups, the harpoon series may be better, compared to the blackbox of CMANO.(just my own viewpoint, what's your opinion?) Now as for the STK, I would say it's not my point to urge them to develop such a feature, but from some of the other wargamers in my grops! Haha! Except for the games, what they talk about most is the latest data of new weapon, new radar, new aircrafts and so on. Some of them seem going to do some simulations by STK!!! I think they are running away from the core of wargames, from the tactics and operations of naval warfare. Some people also held the idea that the electrical warfare has changed the war so much, and it's more important to study the electrical device in military. It seems like I digressed so much! Anyway, the support for STK in CMANO will be better, right? (ps. sorry for my poor skills of english... )
  5. Wonderful tool! Some of my friends already applied your tool in there games. I could ask them for some advice and send it to you. BTW, thank you for the update!
  6. Great work, Tony! Glad to see that you and all the staff here are still working for harpoon and try to make it better! But, personally speaking, I wish the ANW could also be updated, to fix the bugs and add more new features if possible. PS. I saw there are some players who play CMANO request the programmers to modify the game so that it can be connected with STK, just like Harpoon Pro(or Harpoon MilSim). What do you think?
  7. I found several tools from the official wiki of AGSI such as the latest platform assistant, the radar assistant, the sonor assistant and so on. Here is the page:http://www.wiki.computerharpoon.com/index.php?title=Harpoon_3_Utilities However, all the links seem dead. Has anybody tried them before? Are they very useful? And where can I get a copy of these utilities?
  8. I'm a Chinese player, and I got a copy of the database editor from TonyE(thank you!). But when I try to import the database into the editor, it crashed. And there was a pop-up messagebox on the screen which says "error 6: overflow!" After conducted several tests, I found the problem occurred only when you are using a non-english system. Here's the reasonable explanation:(I will take the Chinese edition of win7 into example) There's a bug about the unicode between different language: If you're using the Chinese system and there exist some special terms of english words, such as 's, 'v, 'd and so on, the system will translate the terms into a less Chinese letter such as 暰幮咱乽嵟廔抯娍背开俣乿傪. I viewed the code of editor in VB mode and founde the ReadInteger() is designed as a function that can only read a 2-bytes value. As we all know, a english letter occupy 2 bytes while a Chinese letter will occupy 4 bytes. So when the editor read data from the the .dat files, the "overflow" error will occur where the Chinese letter stands. So I changed the unicode option in win7 system to "English(US)", and there were no error anymore. I write this to strongly recommend the non-english players to change their unicode option to English before you use the editor.
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