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  1. This post has solved my problem HUCE display This forum is providing me a lot of information very useful in my back to Harpoon and I have found lots of interesting information thank you very much
  2. Ok, thank you it´s clear
  3. Thanks to everyone for your welcome
  4. Thank you very much, the reality is that I'm still trying to decide which version to start. I have read that CE is the easiest to learn, but ANW seems the most widely used and allows multiplayer, also I still don't understand the differences between ANW, ANW 3.9.4 and H3 3.6.3 So for now I'll follow your advice
  5. I assure you that my questions will be made Thank you very much for your welcome
  6. Greetings to all I'm an old Hapooner and I like wargames for a long time, also the Harpoon series, but never in depth. I am a fanatic of naval warfare (one of my first board games was Midway ). I came to this forum after seeing the video series for dummies by ughed and I had tu buy the Ultimate edition with the idea of reviving old battles and I´m sure I took another good time with him. The truth is I am an overhelmed in this moment with a lot of information but I count on your knowledge and my effort to become a connoisseur and lover fo this fantastic wargame. I I would welcome any information that you consider useful to be learned, slowly but surely and steadily Thanks all for this site and sorry for my bad English. Regards.
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