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A Useful Tool?


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I would like to suggest an “enhancement” for the Range & Bearing Calculator in HCCE. Since the tool already determines range and bearing from one base/unit to another, how much more difficult would it be to allow the “player” to select the starting base/unit and then select a specific point on the map, not necessarily another base/unit.


I would find this enhancement useful in strike planning when it comes to planning for aerial refueling points, and determining the need for either Standard or Long Range load outs during planning because the best route to the enemy's HVT is not always a straight line through the teeth of their defense.


If this is a valid suggestion, who actually needs to hear it so that it may be considered for implementation?





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You can already obtain this information without using the Range and Bearing calculator. Simply clicking between any two points on the map (and it doesn't have to be between two units or installations) will give you the range and bearing information at the very bottom left hand side of your screen. Be quick to notice it, however, as it will be superseded by new information as the game progresses.

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Thanks Brad, as my disclaimer noted it probably could already be done - I just oftentimes happen to be a knuckle dragger. :D


I'll be sure to be on the 1 second time-rate while "planning"


Thanks again,

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