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Socrates, Socrates Hemlock

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This is a modernization of the original GIUK scenario "Attack on the Bastion."

Blue's job is to neutralize the boomers, but in order to do that, it may be necessary to 

negate the surface playing field. Socrates Hemlock is a slightly easier version of the modification. 

Red's job is to protect the Silent Swords of the Rodina. There is a real, but small chance Marko Ramius may make an appearance. 

Also, Red's job includes negating Blue's airbase.

Though Red lacks any bombers, I think you should be able to think of something ;) . 


Purrastroika, 22 Jan. 2022


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After Action Report

*Spoiler Alert*

Playing blue, An epic, I've never had so many submarines !

UNsure of what to expect I sent in my sole EW aircraft as a spotter positioned a bit out from enemy radar zones and simultaneously a small flight of bombers with long range standoff and decoy load outs. The coast looked pretty clear so I started with waves of decoy at each of the three closest enemy base and followed them shortly with long range standoff missiles. These got thru quite successfully so the second phase was similar but with larger striker numbers easily destroying the airfields and allowing free air space to commence the third phase of combing my subs intended routes for surface combatants, which were found. My subs were divided up into a couple of extra groups to more easily manage them and generally proceeded with the more competant out in front, by the time the large Surface Group was mostly damaged or sunk the three leading subs started to pick up the big missile subs (and smaller escorts) and picked them off with out seeing them fire a single torpedo.

All in all I lost only my EW air unit due to getting a bit over confident.

Thanks for the time in putting this together and  posting. I see you have some others, so I'll hope to have a go with them soon

Just a comment, generally scenarios are accompanied by the order files which can be produced using the Orderwriter program in the harpoon main folder, you link it to the scenario from within the orderwriter. The blue and red orders files and the scenario file are then packaged in a zip file and posted to the sub forum for the battleset,  in this case GIUK. When posting there will be an area to quote the database used, in this case HCDB2 ......


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Interesting scenario. I am not a big submarine fan, myself.

I proceeded just like Donald with massive airstrikes which killed the air bases and the surface group rather easily.

I lost a bunch of submarines, getting ambushed by an Akula which sank 4 conventional subs early on. Two further subs were killed (probably) by ASW aircraft, probably a lucky streak for the enemy (MAD contacts?).



In all, I felt that detecting enemy subs was rather more difficult than what I'm familiar with. It took my subs quite some time to pick up the enemy units, sometimes the only thing notice were inbound torpedoes, although I kept speed low at 5 knots all the way to the bastion.



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