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SimPlot - Scenario - 2019 Origins System Test


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2019 Origins System Test

These files are recreations of the System Test played at Origins 2019.  The game was refereed by Larry Bond and the game turns were run by Kevin Martell (kmart494) on a MacBook using an earlier version of SimPlot2.  The old files are not compatible with the current version of SP2, so I recreated them using the latest version.

Download and extract the Origins System Test folder to SimPlot's Scenarios folder.  You will also need to download the GIUK1 map files from the Maps download section if you do not already have it.  The map files can go in the Maps folder or directly into the Origins scenario folder.


  • player_settings.json -- This file contains the display and text tag settings.
  • Referee.json -- The game file as played from Turn 0000 to Turn 0103.  The game stopped there as the air and surface combat phases were played on the tabletop using miniatures.
  • setup.json -- The game file at the start of the scenario (Turn 0000).  If you want to play your own version using established units, then this is where you start.
  • System_Test_Blank.json -- This file only has the starting reference points (no units).  Use this if you want to play with your own unit formations and orders.

The scenario is published in The Naval SITREP #57 (October 2019) and is available at the Wargame Vault website.

NOTE:  You must have SimPlot2 v2.0.0 to use these files.


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