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  1. Iron Bottom Sound Scenario

    This is a scenario to play the Iron Bottom Sound scenario from the Command at Sea Jumpstart.  This is my first time working with SimPlot, so any input would be greatly appreciated.



  2. Bugout

    This is the SimPlot setup file for the Harpoon V scenario "Bugout" that is featured in The Naval SITREP issue #60 (April 2021).
    The installations are on the map, but the ships are not. This way, players may choose where to place them.
    All the naval ships and missiles that may be used in the scenario are importable, and are located in the Units folder.
    Civilian ships are an optional rule, but they are not included in the Units folder. They are very simple to create, with the only differences being the type and maximum speed (and size class, but that is not tracked in SimPlot).
    This scenario is compatible with SimPlot version 2.1.1.



  3. Guardian (Harpoon V Jumpstart Guide)

    Guardian is the scenario featured in the Harpoon V Jumpstart guide.  The included map is a standard SimPlot version, unlike the Jumpstart version which was modified for printer-friendly colors.
    All the units (ships, helicopter, and missiles) that could be used in the scenario are pre-built and ready to be imported when needed.



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