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Adding new database and game files


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Hi guys, been playing the boxed Harpoon Ultimate Edition with all the latest updates installed for a while now and looking at playing some of the different scenarios found on here. I always play the Harpoon CE version from the game disk build 2015.027


I'm running Windows 10 and everything at the moment runs fine with no crashes. However, my laptop's DVD doesn't function anymore and I'm just a bit worried that by adding additional files I could make the game unstable and then I wont be able to re-install the game.


To allow some of the scenarios to run I'm guessing that I will have to download a new database that will cover the objects in the scenario, can that live alongside the original databases?


If a database or scenario file is deleted does it generally effect the stability of the game generally when playing other scenarios?

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In order to preserve previous versions of the database, as already installed, you need to rename your 'commondb.res' file to prevent it from being overwritten by a new download version.


Database integrity is critical to scenario and savegame viability, on the presumption that the scenario was written with a different (and therefore possibly incompatible) version of the database.

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