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  1. Hi guys, been playing the boxed Harpoon Ultimate Edition with all the latest updates installed for a while now and looking at playing some of the different scenarios found on here. I always play the Harpoon CE version from the game disk build 2015.027 I'm running Windows 10 and everything at the moment runs fine with no crashes. However, my laptop's DVD doesn't function anymore and I'm just a bit worried that by adding additional files I could make the game unstable and then I wont be able to re-install the game. To allow some of the scenarios to run I'm guessing that I will have to download a new database that will cover the objects in the scenario, can that live alongside the original databases? If a database or scenario file is deleted does it generally effect the stability of the game generally when playing other scenarios?
  2. Lots of great ideas here. It looks like the game has many limitations when compared to real life sub hunting. I can accept that this is a game and when conducting short range sub search missions I am happy to use the formation editor as the aircraft will quite happily fly round and drop sonar buoys as long as the fuel and stores remain. However, on long range missions the limitations of manually inputting a search pattern but only having to rely on a MAD contact are frustrating. Would it not be possible just to either 1 extend the formation editor boundaries, not ideal as very long range areas would be massive but the asset would fly randomly round and drop buoys and also have the MAD contact possibility or 2 to have a button to drop the sonar buoys in a stick, say 1 per minute, which for an aircraft travelling at 300mph would leave a space of about 5 miles between each buoy. With option 2 you could then detach an ASW asset away to a distant point, manually allocate a search area using the regular set course, set the speed and height of the asset and then click drop stick, you could possibly manually adjust the number of buoys in a stick, say from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 15. Just my thoughts on enhancing the game without trying to be too technical.
  3. Many thanks for the answer, well at least I know there is something that I havn't missed.
  4. Hi guys, new to the forum and a returner to Harpoon. I have a question regarding searching for subs, red or blue in the game. Is there a method of allocating a search aircraft to conduct a long range search for a sub where it will automatically move round an area and drop sonar buoys? At the moment I am using the formation editor for relatively close searches, and the plane drops buoys in the area allocated, but when i want to send an aircraft beyond the range of the formation editor the plane just moves to the point and stops. I have been manually setting search patterns and relying on MAD contacts, but it would be good to know if I have missed something and the aircraft will drop buoys while conducting the search patterns. Also, kind of related to this, is the AI better at searching for subs better than the human, as whenever I play a sub based scenario I find it frustrating that I find it very hard to find subs with my air assets, but when trying the other side my subs get found very easily. I try to use all the good techniques like creep and depth, but it still seems my subs are towing a lot of rattling cans behind.
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